2023 China Family Sailing Race Liangzi Lake Jiangxia Wuhan station sets sail

Five years of participation! Family sailing has become a weekend trip for more families.

On April 29, the second leg of 2023 China Family Sailing Race opened in Longwan Resort, Liangzi lake, Jiangxia District, Wuhan province. There were two groups of HobieT1 and HobieT2, and this race attracted 40 groups of families to participate.

2023 will be the sixth year for Family Sailing. So far, 42 races have been held in 18 cities across China, with more than 4,000 families directly participating in this event. On the basis of the previous games, this year”s games are more mature. Liu Weidong, vice president of the Chinese Windsurfing Association, said: “This year, there has been an increase in boat types and the introduction of the T1 boat type into the competition has made it possible for participating families to have a new experience. In addition, this year’s training organization is more scientific, rigorous and professional, so that participating families can enjoy sailing happily under the premise of safety… After six years of development, more families are now participating in family sailing event. In the meanwhile, more cities have become more enthusiastic and interested in organizing mass sailing activities,” Liu said. “This is a good opportunity to promote sailing, especially for the general public to experience sailing, and also a good trend for the development of it.”

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