A Below Deck Sailing Yacht Guest’s Toilet Complaint Has Daisy Kelliher “Embarrassed” and “Shocked”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht‘s first season four charter was not smooth sailing for Daisy Kelliher.

In E! News’ exclusive preview of the Bravo series’ April 17 episode, Captain Glenn Shephard confronts his Chief Stew after one of their inaugural guests complained about their accommodations aboard the Parsifal III.

“She said no towels, no toilet paper,” he tells Daisy in the sneak peek. “They took it pretty seriously. They were quite upset.”

But according to Daisy, that’s not quite how it happened. “They asked me once for towels and I gave them straight away,” she responded. “They never said that they were low on toilet paper, not once.”

Glenn doesn’t accept her explanation, noting, “But that’s something that they should never have to say,” he replies, “we should be checking it regularly.”

And when he asks if the guest made up their complaint, Daisy blames the group’s hard partying. “To be honest, I think there was a lot of alcohol consumed,” she adds. “They’re on a bit of a come-down.”

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Calling the stew “defensive,” the captain admits boat troubles that prevented them from leaving the dock during the charter could have also contributed to the guests’ frustrations.

“What I want is every time they go in there to turn down,” he demands of the crew, “make sure it’s a full roll of toilet paper.”

In her confessional, Daisy is dumbfounded by the talking-to.

“Currently, I’m feeling a mixture of embarrassed, upset and pretty shocked,” she states. “Honestly, I’m a bit confused if our service really was that bad.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4

Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

As the previously released BDSY trailer teased, Daisy eventually buckles under the pressure of Captain Glenn’s continued demand for perfection.

“Everything is my fault,” she says through tears later this season. “The guests aren’t happy, it’s my fault. I can’t win. I’m constantly losing.”

See the drama play out when Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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