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As one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the Mediterranean, Dubrovnik needs no introduction. Whether you want to visit its numerous historical sights or discover peace and tranquillity on deserted beaches everywhere you go. From the remote coves of the Elaphiti islands to the infinite uninhabited islands off the coast. Dubrovnik Aquatorium has it all, and the best way to explore it is by chartering a yacht. Now that you decided to do so, you may find yourself worried about finding the perfect anchor spot. Well, worry no more because we’ve got you covered with our suggestions for your perfect anchor spot in Dubrovnik area.

Šipanska Luka Anchor Spot (Mljet Island)

Just 15 nautical miles away from Dubrovnik lies the port of Šipan – an anchor spot well protected from all winds. In the early years of the Dubrovnik Republic, the aristocracy appreciated the beauty, tranquility, and attractive landscape of the coves, bays, and beaches of Šipan island. While there are several historic palaces and churches, a grocery, a bakery, and several restaurants and taverns in Šipanska Luka, the entire island oozes calmness and tranquillity. Among those whose buoys are in the bay, the best restaurant is “Konoba kod Marka“.

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Saplunara Bay Anchorage (Mljet Island)

On the southern tip of the Mljet, Saplunara Bay, with its sandy beach, is one of the most stunning bays. Approximately 17 nautical miles afar off Dubrovnik, this anchor spot offers excellent wind protection from all directions. Its sandy bottom ensures secure mooring. You won’t run into any sizable crowds at Saplunara because it is a safe and isolated spot. The tranquility is also enhanced by the dense pine forest that encircles the bay. Due to the bay’s special location, the sea is often warmer here than it is elsewhere in Dalmatia. This makes it a great area to swim and get away from the crowds during the season.

Okuklje Anchor Spot (Mljet Island)

Another 5 nautical miles (20 NM from Dubrovnik) will take you to Okuklje. This tiny, charming bay on the Mljet island’s northern shore offers the perfect anchor spot for sailors on their voyage down the Adriatic coast to Dubrovnik. You are welcome to anchor here or moor at one of the three buoys that belong to the village’s eateries. There are pontoon spaces accessible for individuals looking to sit for a meal in one of these three establishments, which include the well-praised “Maran” and “Baro”.

Polače Bay (Mljet Island)

Polače Bay, located 33 nautical miles from Dubrovnik, is the biggest and most protected port of Mljet island characterized by its untamed coastline bordered by clear blue seas. You may find calm on this anchor spot even in July, far from the commotion of the nearby seaside eateries that are so well-liked. It has outstanding wind and swell protection that enables secure anchoring. Additionally, be sure to leave time in your itinerary so you can explore the rest of Mljet National Park. It takes around 40 minutes to walk from Polače to the famous Salt Lakes along a trail that travels through a wooded area and across the valley.

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Badija Anchor Spot (Korčula Island)

This anchorage found its place 33 nautical miles from Dubrovnik base, on the south side of a small island. Badija enjoys excellent protection from northerly winds. Additionally, rocky and sandy bottoms guarantee very good holding even in strong winds. It is a little piece of heaven where you may take in the breathtaking view of the island, its mountains and the historic monastery, which served as a beacon for the Franciscans’ migration in the fourteenth century.
This anchor spot, which is only a short distance from some of Korčula’s busiest locations, has the makings of a fantastic paradise with its tranquil, turquoise seas and stunning backdrop. Badija is also known for its unique residents – the fallow deers, which were brought to the island in 1958. Over the years, they have adapted to the area and have grown accustomed to people’s presence. As a result, they frequently feed off the hands of tourists, especially children.

Lovište Anchor Spot (Pelješac Peninsula)

Near the island of Korčula and seven miles south of the island of Hvar is the broad bay of Lovište, located on the NW point of the Pelješac Peninsula. The name of this anchor spot translates to “fishing location” and it boasts the greatest fish restaurants on the peninsula. There, you may sip local wine and eat freshly caught fish while admiring the magnificent sunsets. With a separate shallow beach ideal for paddling, a beach volleyball court and perfect snorkelling conditions, this anchor spot is highly family-friendly. In the summer, a no-car policy is also in effect in the bay.

Zaklopatica Anchorage (Lastovo Island)

Zaklopatica is a bay on the northern side of Lastovo Island. It is known as a peaceful and safe bay among Croatian sailors and foreign visitors. Open to the north with a view to Korčula island, the bay is situated around 2 km from Lastovo. The famous Dubrovnik is 55 NM to the southeast. The bay offers an excellent anchor spot in the turquoise waters. Zaklopatica’s shores are mostly occupied by restaurant terraces and apartments that offer private accommodation. If you want to dig deeper into the interior of Lastovo island before you go to a restaurant for a delicious dinner, you can always rent a bike and explore the island on two wheels.

Our list of the best anchor spots in the Dubrovnik area has come to an end. We hope it will serve as inspiration for your upcoming boat trip. Don’t be shy about letting us know where your favourite anchor spots are!

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