Anchoring in Croatia – Top Anchor Spots in Split Area

Finding a good anchoring spot in Croatia in an inlet, surrounded by trees, clean waters and silence is one of the best feelings in the world, isn’t it? The Adriatic Sea and Croatian coast can provide you with more than enough of that feeling. The Croatian coastline has always been a busy nautical route. Hidden jewels can be found almost behind every corner. Read on to learn more about anchoring in Croatia and explore some of the most beautiful and practical anchorages in the Split region to start with.

To most people, the Croatian coastline can be divided into 5 nautical regions and we’ll begin with the Split region. Not without a reason, though – this part of the coast has been characterized as the most beautiful since ancient times, while today it looks almost untouched, like a memory of an old, simpler and slower life. This region includes bigger and better-known islands like Brač, Hvar, Šolta and Vis, but also some small beauties. Let’s start a journey together, shall we?

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Krknjaši anchorage (Drvenik Veli island)

Just 6 nautical miles from the Old town Trogir, between two islets Krknjaš Mali and Veli, can this amazing blue lagoon be found, a perfect place for swimming, scuba-diving and overnight stay. During the day, there are plenty of visitors from nearby cities and in peak season gets quite crowded, but the night is as peaceful as one might imagine. The best way to sail into the lagoon is from the south as the passages between the islands are shallow (2m), but once you’re in there, the anchor will hold quite well and you will be protected from most of the winds. There is also Krknjaši tavern with some pretty good local food and Shkoy beach club bearing the name inspired by a synonym for an island in one of the Croatian dialects.

Drvenik Veli island

Anchorage in Luka Bay (Brač island)

Even though the northern side of Brač is known for the strong Bura wind, you will find a good shelter in Luke. This tame and spacious bay has 3 arms; the southern one called Slatina is the best-protected anchoring spot with a depth of 6-7 meters. Bigger yachts can anchor here as well in depths of 15 m between this bay and the west arm. There are 2 restaurants, both with Mediterranean charm and excellent fresh fish. Pipo’s restaurant in Slatina offers eight buoys under the owner’s concession including another ten buoys in the west arm, so take that into consideration. The last one is the northern arm where we recommend you to tie up stern to shore and enjoy your stay!

Brač island anchroing spots

Taršće anchorage (Sv. Klement, Hvar island)

We were quite astonished by the beauty of Taršće, a lesser-known inlet on Sv. Klement, the biggest island of all Paklinski islands across the must-see island of Hvar. There are no surrounding houses, nature is intact and there is a small beach north of the bay. Its most indented arm will keep you safe from all winds and anchoring is possible for both small and larger boats. Tying the stern at the end is also a good option. If you don’t feel like cooking aboard, there is a short narrow rocky path that leads you to the tavern Dionis or just sail away to the restaurant Meneghello in a lot busier and more famous Palmižana bay not too far away.

Paklinski Islands anchorage

Ždrilca anchorage (Paklinski islands)

The most popular anchoring spots are by far those around the island of Hvar. A group of several small islands called Paklinski islands will provide you with a safe harbour and a true summer experience in Croatia. Between the two islands is a passage called Ždrilca, one of the most popular sailing destinations in the Adriatic. Because of that, it is quite busy, but it is still worth visiting. You might avoid Ždrilca during strong Bura winds or storms known as nevera, and definitely make sure to avoid sailing in from the NW, between Planikovac and Borovac, due to very shallow waters. Besides the crystal clear sea and chilling nature, you should definitely enjoy great local food in restaurants Antonio Patak or Tri grede.

Ždrilca bay anchoring spot

Anchoring spot Velo Borče in Milna Bay (Hvar island)

Among many popular harbours and inlets on the island of Hvar, this one is particularly interesting. It’s not even well-known, which definitely contributes to its attractiveness. With no houses around or many visitors, Velo Borče is a place for the ultimate zen, especially during the night. Sea is just calling you for a swim with its perfect shades of blue. The bottom of the inlet is sandy, really good for anchoring and you will be safe from the winds. It has recently been under the concession, so you’ll probably have to pay for a buoy if you want one.

Hvar island bay

Lovišće (Šćedro island)

A small island, an even smaller bay and what a place to be! Even though just 13 nautical miles from busy Hvar town, this anchoring spot is peaceful with only several summer inhabitants. However, many sailors and boats keep coming for an overnight stay. It’s good for anchoring or tying to a buoy, the bottom is sandy and you’ll be completely safe from all the winds. The bay has 4 arms, all four being available for anchoring and each has its own little restaurant with local food. A place to swim, relax, eat and even take a walk around the island. Perfect, right?

Scedro island anchoring spot
Photo credit: Günther Bogensberger

Luka Rogačić anchorage (Vis island)

Of all the anchoring spots in Croatia, those on Vis island are our favourite. There are 4 nice anchoring spots on the northeastern part of the island Vis. Having to choose just one, we have decided to point out the most indented part of this side of the island – Luka Rogačić bay. It has two arms – Parja, which is mostly intact and protected from all winds. Here you can anchor at depths from 4 to 10 meters. The second one is Rogačić, with houses around and a bit more crowded, but it’s still quite solitary compared to bigger ports or bays on Vis. Anchoring in Rogačić is at the depth of up to 6 meters. While there, we recommend you take a walk around the island and visit the nearby 19th-century Fort George.

VIs island anchorage

Anchorage Budikovac (Vis island)

This is one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Adriatic. A sandy beach, clear sea, peaceful night and a handful of happy swimmers during the day will win you over. The lagoon is only 3 meters deep and the entrance is even less, so it’s easier to anchor from the outside. You can also visit the Green Cave which is less than 1 nautical mile away or the famous Blue Cave on the island of Biševo which is about 10 nautical miles away. Definitely worth a visit!

Anchoring in Croatia has never been closer. Hope we managed to help you with some new anchoring spots. We are looking forward to reading about your experiences in the comments below.

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