Beating to Bermuda // ISBJORN Offshore

We’re finally on a good lay-line to Bermuda, a feat that’s required eleven tacks since leaving the Chesapeake Bay (yes, I counted). Our general strategy involved riding the Gulf Stream East-North-East for a bit – trying to stay as south as possible but squeezing the SOG advantage as hard as we could. Next, we turned south to find an agreeable wind angle to take us to Bermuda. We were slowed in this direction by a stiff 15 knots coming directly from the direction in which we wished to travel, true to form. Finally, the wind started clocking! In the past ten hours we’ve managed to hold a South-Easterly course over ground, tracking well towards Bermuda on a close haul/reach.

According to our YB comms with Icebear, it seems that they followed pretty much the same path. Icebear managed to get further south and east of us. They usually go further and faster, thanks to that eleven extra feet (and the natural skill of Skipper, Mate and Crew, obviously)! That being said, Isbjörn’s rally skipper Vinny and I are still expecting a near photo-finish 😉

To fair seas and westerly winds!

// Ben Soofer First Mate S/V ISBJORN

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