Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans rage as Mads Herrera gets publicly humiliated by Gary and Alex

Published: 2023-06-28T19:59:44

  ❘   Updated: 2023-06-28T19:59:58

Gary King and Alex Propson from Below Deck Sailing Yacht are both in hot water based on their actions towards Mads Herrera.

While Episode 15 of Season 4 definitely strayed away from the usual love triangle storyline, it made up for it with intense drama. And it was started by Deckhand Alex Propson, someone who played a big hand in stirring the pot with the aforementioned love triangle.

Towards the end of the episode, Stewardess Mads Herrera joked that she was on her period. For some reason, Alex felt the need to share that information with the rest of the guys. First Mate Gary King, who was intimate with Mads the night before, became outraged at the idea of her being on her period while they were being romantic with each other.

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With Lucy in the room, Gary approached Mads and angrily accused her of not being upfront with him. Viewers, who have already been annoyed by Gary this season, have quickly shared their distaste for his actions.

Are Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans defending Mads Herrera?

On June 26, a Reddit chat was made to discuss Episode 15. And most of the comments were about Gary’s actions toward Mads.

One fan wrote, “Very distasteful! Not a huge Mads fan but I felt horrible for her there. You could hear her voice crack at the end.”

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Another viewer chimed in and wrote, “Looks like someone missed the sexual harassment training.”

While part of the blame can be placed on Gary for how he approached Mads, there was no reason for Alex to spread her personal information out here.

One fan wrote, “Obviously, the way Gary handled that was horrible but also why does Alex have to say that to the guys? He claims to like Mads but he really just threw her under the bus there I’d be really annoyed at him if I was her.”

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Gary and Alex have not publicly apologized to Mads. However, there’s is still the upcoming reunion for them to own up to their mistakes.

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