‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Recap, Season 4, Episode 11

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As if we haven’t already had enough to process, Bravo has decided to start releasing two episodes of Sailing Yacht per week for the rest of the season, making the long-awaited, deeply mesmerizing love triangle move faster than I would have liked it to.

The episode picks up while Colin processes the revelation that Daisy and Gary previously slept together. In his cabin, Colin tells Daisy that it makes him feel weird because Gary is his friend yet has always denied that anything happened between them, and Daisy says that the sex meant nothing. Sorry, but she’s not telling the truth! I maintain that she still has feelings for Gary, and like she has previously said, she only sleeps with men she actually likes. In a confessional, Colin says that everything finally makes sense with Gary and Daisy’s chemistry and the “way they look at each other.” I think he’s the only person surprised by them hooking up, and I can’t believe it took him this long to piece it all together.

The next morning, Gary says he didn’t tell Colin because he wanted to respect Daisy’s wishes. I have a theory that he kept it a secret not because Daisy asked him to but because he knew he could use it against her one day. Colin calls it a “dickhead move” and says that he’s confused about where they stand since he’s starting to develop feelings for Daisy but would never have made a move on her had he known that there was something between them. Colin shouldn’t feel guilty for pursuing her, especially since Gary has been lying the whole time by saying he doesn’t like Daisy while continuing to tell her that he wants to be with her. Gary, like the madman he is, continues stirring the pot by mentioning that he thinks Daisy still has feelings for him “deep down.” Is it possible for him to get thrown overboard???

In a confessional, Gary confirms that he only revealed the secret as a way to get back at Daisy for asking him not to speak about it while she has been publicly affectionate with Colin on the boat. The fact that Gary is so bothered about this, even though he’s been pursuing Mads since day one, is absolutely crazy. And babe, why would anyone want to make it known that they’ve slept with you anyway? No offense to Mads!

At the preference sheet meeting, we learn that our next guests include primary SuGinia Jones, who has requested an all-white party for her birthday and wants Ileisha to cook a Caribbean meal for dinner, as well as bake a cake. Ileisha, who is unfamiliar with the cuisine, is up for the challenge of cooking out of her comfort zone but is feeling the pressure nonetheless. It doesn’t help that she badly burns her finger later, causing her to feel even more stressed. Give her a break; I’m begging!!

Afterward, Gary tells Mads about how he and Daisy had sex, and she bluntly tells him she doesn’t care with a laugh. “I think he wants me to be upset about it ‘cause it gives him attention,” she says, which is true. Mads refuses to give in to Gary’s manipulative games, and it’s hilarious to see him be the one groveling for attention and affection from someone who understands their boundaries. Daisy, meanwhile, tries not to lose Colin by telling him that Gary isn’t the guy she wants to be with as if it’s a dramatic scene from a soap opera, but Colin ultimately decides that he needs space. I might do something drastic if Daisy runs into Gary’s arms now that Colin has ended things with her.

While hanging out on deck, Lucy asks where Gary is, and Alex unknowingly fuels the fire by saying that he’s likely looking for Daisy, which makes an already fuming Colin ask why he’d say that. Alex says he assumed because they’re always talking to each other, and when Colin leaves, Mads fills Alex and Lucy in on the situation. Soon enough, everyone on the boat, save for blissfully unaware Captain Glenn, knows about Gary and Daisy. See why she thought keeping it a secret would be a good idea? Gary tells Daisy that if Colin genuinely feels something for her, this information shouldn’t change his perception of her, and I agree. Daisy and Gary’s hookup happened long before she and Colin explicitly expressed anything toward each other, so he shouldn’t hold it over her, and she certainly doesn’t owe him anything. Then again, this is Below Deck, so of course it isn’t that simple.

After the guests arrive and the boat leaves the dock the next day, the fire alarm goes off and smoke starts appearing in the engine room, causing mayhem. Gary pushes past a cameraperson as he rushes into the room, and he and the guys eventually discover that Captain Glenn was pushing the engine so fast that it caused the exhaust to smoke. After it’s resolved, Colin yells at Gary for acting panicked, and Gary mocks him for being so chill during an emergency. The crew is on the verge of falling apart, but for us, this is just another brief maintenance issue that gets resolved in the blink of an eye.

Captain Glenn’s issues with the interior are brewing once again after he gets word that Daisy didn’t respond to a radio request from Gary after a guest asked for a piña colada. He tells us that the guests having to search for a stew because there’s nobody on service is a huge pet peeve of his, but I have a feeling he’s just looking for something to criticize.

Down under, Colin texts his sister, Monica, who he calls his “guru,” about Gary and Daisy’s hookup (s), and they chat on the phone about how Colin feels “tricked” by them. Monica wonders if Daisy wanted to keep it a secret because she felt embarrassed, joking that she also wouldn’t want anyone to know if she hooked up with Gary. I love her already. Plus, the fact that literally everyone has become this grossed out by Gary’s behavior is absolute gold.

Lucy, meanwhile, spends the whole day stressing about her final university results. When the time finally arrives to see her grades, she initially reacts disappointed and starts crying on the phone with her dad because she got a 2.1. As someone unfamiliar with the U.K. college system, I assumed that she flunked, but she assures us that it’s actually a great grade despite not being what she was hoping for. Girl, the fact that you passed is ultimately all that matters, so cheer up!

While setting up for the beach party, Gary and Daisy discuss the topic du jour, aka the Colin situation. Daisy feels bad because it “might be the catalyst of [Gary and Colin’s] friendship ending.” They bicker near the guests about whether Gary should apologize, prompting Chase to take the lead in serving the guests. He thinks that they should all get their shit together before the drama starts bleeding into the crew’s work dynamic. I agree, although it might be a little too late for that. Once they return to the boat, Ileisha serves dinner, starting with chicken stew and Johnny Cakes that are so perfect they bring SuGinia to tears. Not only does Ileisha hit a home run with the Caribbean dinner, but she bakes a beautiful birthday cake. Seeing her cooking throughout the season has made me desperately want to see her compete on Top Chef.

Daisy is so distracted by all the drama involving Gary and Colin that she completely forgets to set up for the birthday party on deck. The resulting product is yet another poorly decorated fête. Like, even Gary’s party looked better! After serving the cake, Daisy asks Ileisha to slice up the leftover half, thinking the guests won’t ask for seconds. Big mistake! Lo and behold, after the cake is already cut and Daisy and Chase enjoy slices, Mads runs down to the galley to inform Ileisha that the guests want more, and Daisy is nowhere to be found as she tries to talk things out with Colin. The episode ends with a confessional from Colin where he expresses that his heart is telling him to be with Daisy while his brain tells him to “stay out of it.”

Given what’s been happening recently with Daisy and Colin unfollowing each other on Instagram and Daisy being critical of him on Watch What Happens Live but saying nice things about Gary, I’m going to assume that whatever decisions he makes the rest of the season won’t make her — or us — very happy.

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