‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ Recap: Season 4, Episode 16

It’s been a hell of a season aboard Parsifal III. Like several crew members have noted, it’s been a bumpy rollercoaster of drama, emotions, and love triangles. We made it to the end without a single crew member quitting or being fired (sorry for every doubting Chase and Ileisha), which is a win in my book. But as much as I’ve enjoyed watching this crew — arguably the best and most hardworking in Below Deck history — I’m happy it’s finally ending.

For the last night of the last charter, everyone creatively dresses up for the Anything But Clothes party. Lucy wears a trash bag dress that makes her sweat, and Alex sports one of the boat’s flags. Gary wears a traffic cone on his crotch, prompting a guest to ask Daisy if it’s “relative to the truth.” What’s up with these guests wanting to look at an almost-naked Gary while eating? I’d lose my appetite. Thankfully, Ray behaves and the evening goes off without a hitch.

Meanwhile, in their cabin, Gary tells Colin that there are only two directions his relationship with Daisy can take: either they’ll stay together, or things will “end fucking badly.” He adds that Colin should think about whether it’s worth risking his friendship with Daisy for something that might not last. I think it’s too late for that, buddy. In a confessional, Colin says it’s his friendship with Gary that’s really in danger. After all the shit Gary has done, how could they possibly continue being friends?

The next morning is the guests’ departure day, but not before Gary and Mads chat in the laundry room. Gary asks where they stand with each other, revealing his feelings for her. “I thought we were just having fun,” Mads tells him. Gary reacts as if it was his first time hearing her express this, even though she’s been clear about wanting no strings attached sex from the very first day. Bravo to the Bravo producer who reminds him of this.

Then Captain Glenn sails one last time, much to the chagrin of Daisy. “Parsifal had a hard time this summer,” Captain Glenn says. “Now we’re gonna finish on a high note doing exactly what she does best.” There were several moments where the boat came close to cutting the season short, so I’m glad she survived and is still going strong.

As the guests are walking down the dock — good riddance to Ray! — Chase celebrates by lying down on the ground. Gary yells at him to get up and have some decorum since the guests are still in view. He’s right, but maybe he’d be taken more seriously if he treated his team with respect. The crew then shares a heartwarming group hug because they had a successful season despite overcoming countless hurdles. I’ll miss them so much; I could cry!

At the tip meeting, Captain Glenn compliments the crew for their hard work and growth. He then unveils the final tip of the season: $17,500. It’s a decent note to end on, but when considering the annoying throuple and the disgusting state they left the master cabin in, it should’ve been bigger. But the crew doesn’t dwell on it because they’re thrilled to finally be able to consume a shitload of alcohol. Let the final crew night out commence!

Once they arrive at the restaurant, Captain Glenn joins them for drinks before having a peaceful night off the boat. It’s what he deserves after having to bunk with Alex. As per tradition, Captain Glenn asks the crew to share their highs and lows of the season. First, Alex shares that his high was going to Bonifacio. Colin’s “lowest of lows” is, unsurprisingly, the engine failing multiple times. Daisy’s high is having an amazing relationship with her team, and I agree. The interior’s genuine support of one another and the lack of drama was a refreshing highlight. While fighting through tears, she says her low was struggling with Captain Glenn’s criticisms. Glenn says he feels bad for hurting her but that he ultimately wants her to work to her fullest potential, which is understandable. It seems like Daisy’s heart wasn’t fully in it this time around, likely because of the love triangle thing, but she still managed to be a great leader for Mads and Lucy.

Once Captain Glenn leaves, everyone heads to the dinner table. Mads and Alex hold hands and sit across from each other (about damn time!), giving us a taste of what the evening has in store. In a confessional, Gary says he’s never had to deal with rejection because “Gary doesn’t get rejected.” Gross! I’m glad Mads finally gave him a much-needed reality check. In the cab back to the boat, Alex tells Mads she deserves better than Gary. Duh, I wouldn’t wish that man upon my worst enemy. Then Alex and Mads finally kiss!!! Readers, I was cheering for this more than I did for Daisy and Colin. If there’s one thing Sailing Yacht will deliver on, it’s a good slow burn!

Gary, who spends the night sulking, decides to hit the hay early. Mads, wanting Gary to hear it from her first, tells him that she and Alex made out. He screams at her to “get the fuck out of here” and proceeds to push her out of the room while telling her that she “played him like a fucking fiddle.” How?? He’s acting like he wasn’t flirting with Daisy all season while continuously jumping into bed with Mads. Mads says this behavior is why she chose not to end things with him mid-season, and it makes sense. Gary, who lacks the ability to keep his emotions in check, would’ve made her life a living hell. His behavior toward her, especially in these last few episodes, has been unacceptable, especially when remembering that they are first and foremost co-workers.

Meanwhile, Ileisha and Chase dance out on the deck, which I’m sure made his night. In a confessional, Ileisha admits that maybe something would’ve happened between them if she wasn’t in a relationship because she likes his personality. Not that Chase is a bad guy — I’ve actually grown to like him — but I’m beyond happy nothing ever happened between them.

The next morning, Captain Glenn returns and Mads and Alex deal with the fallout of the previous night. Mads says she likes Alex because he doesn’t make her life harder (read: isn’t clingy and toxic as fuck). Alex then chats with Gary, who tells him it was a “snakish move” to pursue Mads when he knew Gary was hooking up. That’s rich coming from the king cobra himself.

One by one, the crew say their goodbyes. Chase is the first to go, reflecting on his “rough” season that led him to learn from his mistakes. Personal growth, we love to see it! Lucy says her sisterly bond with Mads and Daisy is proof that “women can support women.” Lucy was such a delight this season, and I hope Bravo brings her back next season if she’s up for it. Ileisha, season four’s MVP, shares that she pushed the boundaries harder than she ever thought she could despite her self-doubt. Alex says he has no regrets about the season and that he thinks he’ll be seeing Mads again. I desperately need to know if they tried pursuing something romantic post-filming. Madison’s biggest takeaway from the gig is, “Don’t screw the crew.” The power of Gary.

Colin and Daisy, meanwhile, confront the reality of their situation. They both have separate lives, with Colin working on his own boat and Daisy living in London. Colin wants them to stay in touch and be “open and honest” with each other to see where things go. He tells us the only way for them to discover the potential of their relationship is to do so far away from Gary, and I agree. Colin also says he has to reconsider his friendship with Gary after all the lies and manipulation. I hope he does the right thing and cuts Gary out of his life, but I have low expectations. Daisy then says that she and Colin deserve respect from Gary to “develop” their relationship. Although a part of me wanted Daisy and Colin to work out against all odds, it’s clear that they don’t, and that’s probably for the best.

Gary, likely a better worker when not on camera, remains on Parsifal to continue working with Captain Glenn. His parting thoughts are that he wants to stay single for a while to do some self-reflection. We’ve heard this from him before, so I doubt he’ll abandon his usual antics if he returns next season. But one can hope. We end on a thrilling note, with Captain Glenn finding out that he can finally get a new engine for the beloved boat soon. The finale delivered on multiple fronts, but many things have been left unanswered — most importantly, what happened between Daisy and Colin in the off-season. Let’s hope the reunion doesn’t disappoint.

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