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On season four of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, Daisy Kelliher returned to Parsifal III for another charter season of stress, drama and service.

Although her role as Chief Stew demanded her full attention, Daisy’s love life became the centre of attention when she found herself in a love triangle.

However, the 35-year-old was forced to put her personal life on hold to cater to demanding charter guests and train her green stews Mads Herrera and Lucy Edmunds.

Season four kicked off with a major hiccup as the Parsifal III’s engine failed to start.

While Captain Glenn Shepherd and Chief Engineer Colin MacRae were preoccupied with fixing the malfunction, Daisy had the stress of added responsibility as First Mate Gary King was away with COVID-19.

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After the first charter of eight women learned the yacht would not be leaving the dock, Daisy and the stews had the task of keeping them entertained.

Although the guests were demanding, the chief stew reflected on her time on the show and told about her most challenging guest.

Daisy admitted: “That’s an easy one, Erica Rose.

“Sometimes we have difficult guests, even in the real charter world but usually they’re kind of difficult with each other.”

She added: “Whereas this was just really strange and I had to handle the whole situation, I was like ‘Am I in the twilight zone?’”

Fans will recall, Erica asked the interior crew to unpack her luggage and demanded Captain Glenn stop the yacht from rocking during a thunderstorm.

Her husband Charles Sanders also complained non-stop after entering Parsifal III as he insulted Chef Marcos Spaziani’s food.

After they left the charter crew was shocked by their extremely low tip of $6,500 which came to $720 per yachtie.

During their de-brief, Glenn told the team: “I don’t personally feel that this tip reflects the quality of service that we gave these guys.

“You guys worked really hard, and you pulled out all the stops to make this the best charter for them.”

Speaking to cameras, Daisy also shared her disgust: “F**k my f*****g life. I honestly think I’m about to burst into tears. I’m not ok right now.

“They could’ve tipped us 30 grand, 40 grand, 50 grand. No money in the world would make me happy to work for people like that. I just don’t think people like that deserve nice things.”

Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 4 continues Mondays on Bravo in the USA and on Hayu in the UK.

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