Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Ileisha Dell says Season 4 finale will leave fans “on the edge of their seats”

Published: 2023-07-04T18:24:30

  ❘   Updated: 2023-07-04T18:24:30

Chef Ileisha Dell from Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 just reassured fans that the upcoming season finale is worth the wait.

Season 4 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht has been jam-packed with twists and turns. For one, there was the entertaining love triangle between Chief Stewardess, First Mate Gary King, and Engineer Colin Macrae. 

Then, there was the tension between Stewardess Mads Herrera and both Gary King and Deckhand Alex Propson.

It all comes down to the finale and the reunion to put all of the drama to rest. Or, continue to stir the pot. Either way, Ileisha just made it clear that both are not to be missed.

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Did Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Ileisha tease the Season 4 finale?

On July 3,  Ileisha spoke with Decider about what fans can expect from the Season 4 finale.

She also addressed the rumors that the love triangle isn’t real.

She said, “Fans are going to be on the edge of their seats. Also, I’ve seen doubters online, but those love triangles are very, very real. There are also going to be a lot of exciting menus coming up from me. That’s all I can tell you [laughs], but I promise it’s going to be awesome.”

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The reality TV star went on to say that she’s not expecting to get into any drama at the reunion.

Ileisha said, “For me, no. I won’t be in too much of the drama, but I am excited to watch everything unfold [laughs]. I can’t wait for all the gory goss to come out.”

With the final episodes releasing on July 10, fans can expect the reunion to be released in July or August.

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