Below Deck’s Dani Soares Life Update: Daughter, Boyfriend, Pics

Below Deck Sailing Yacht alum Dani Soares recently shared some life updates, and they have us wondering whether the Sydney, Australia-based mom has a new love in her life. 

But even if we were left questioning some things, one thing is abundantly clear: Dani and her daughter, Lilly, have a total blast together. Keep scrolling to see what’s new with the former stew. 

Is Below Deck Sailing Yacht alum Dani Soares dating anyone? 

One of Dani’s pictures showed her gazing fondly at a gentleman who had his arm around her. In the photo, both Dani and her mystery man were dressed to the nines, she in a long navy-blue dress with a plunging neckline and cutouts, he clad in a royal blue jacket over a crisp white shirt. Her caption simply read: “Couple goals.” 

Whether they are coupled up as friends or something else, the photo made it clear that Dani and her plus-one look great together, and seem to have a great time together, too. 

Dani Soares shares an update on her daughter Lilly 

Dani has also shared some recent updates on her daughter, Lilly, who apparently has a blast anywhere she goes. In a January 25 Instagram post, she included a video of her and Lilly riding a kiddie train. The little one was thrilled, smiling wide and squealing with delight throughout the ride. In her caption, Dani wrote: “POV: You having the most [fun] on a tiny train that goes in circles for 2 minutes.” 

The former yachting pro also shared a snapshot from the special day in her Instagram Stories. The photo showed her and Lilly smiling wide on the ever-so-fun train ride. “Long weekend happiness,” Dani captioned the snap. 

On December 28, 2023, Dani shared another video of Lilly living her best life. In the Instagram post, the little girl was seen lying down serenely splashing the water around her as she spread out like a starfish. “2023: If all you did was survive, it’s ok. We made it,” Dani captioned the photo, noting that she was “looking forward to 2024.”

Dani Soares opens up about motherhood 

Back in 2022, Dani shared her philosophy on motherhood with another post that showed her sweet little girl. The photo featured Lilly dressed up in shades of pink, sitting in front of a flower mural.

“My favourite flowers,” Dani captioned the capture of her then 14-month-old daughter. “My number one priority always! Only a real parent understands that life is not about you anymore, it’s about the life you made and brought into this world and everything you do is for her.”

Dani welcomed her daughter in May 2021. It was later confirmed that Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux, who also appeared on Season 2 of Below Deck Sailing Yacht, is Lilly’s father.

Does Dani Soares still working in yachting after Below Deck?

Dani, who according to her Instagram bio is now a nurse, opened up about finding time to balance it all in another Instagram post.

“Mum guilty! Oh my goodness! Honestly it’s so hard. I’m basically feeling guilty 24/7. I feel guilty if I study, if I go to work, if I go out, if I stay in, if I cook something not super healthy, if I order delivery, and so on… I haven’t learned how to navigate this yet but I’m giving my best. My daughter it’s my priority and will always be,” she said.  Also, if you are a parent who has 0 care of your child, we’re not the same! I can’t make any small decisions in my life without taking my daughter in consideration, as it should be. If nothing in your life has changed since having kids, we’re not the same. Anyways, we’re always wrong in someone’s eyes and in our own eyes too often.”

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