Bermuda & Back // SPIRIT OF BERMUDA Rally July 6


Though this is a ‘race’, we’re treating it like a cruise due to the stopover and the accommodations on the boat. So ICEBEAR will be taking 6 paying crew, ISBJORN 4. Here’s how we are prioritizing crew requests:

  1. A2B Race Crew get first dibs (note: There is no ‘formal’ A2B in 2021, but we are already in talks with PRIDE OF BALTIMORE II and EYC to organize an informal race instead – so A2B WILL happen in some form in 2021, and on celestial – at the very least it’ll be a good shakedown for OGR 2023!).

  2. Any other crew signed onto one of the postponed Bermuda passages is second up.

  3. Any crew paid for ANY future passages is next.

  4. Then, if any spots are still open, we’ll open it to the public on the website*As of today, we have 4 spots left for ISBJORN.

If we can’t fill both boats, we may just take one, but we wanted to throw it out there and see what ya’ll think!

Hope we can all make this happen together!

In the meantime, track the boats as they head


// Andy

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