Big Glows & Small Glums | PORTUGAL SAIL TRAINING

Another day has gone by and another day of Big Glows and Small Glums. 

The crew woke up to a stunning sunrise this morning followed by the mandatory morning swim. It is one of my absolute favourites moments of anchoring, waking up in the morning, jump in, get out, fresh water rinse and sit with a coffee while seeing the sun slowly rise. 

After breakfast Andy gave a magnificent weather lesson, it is so nice to see someone teach their passion to other people, it really is contagious!! After that everyone got briefed on their duties for their watches and we proceeded to hoist anchor and get out to the open sea for our offshore phase. 

The wind might have been one of the only glums for the day, failing to fill even the slightiest puff but making a stunning sight to watch, we managed to keep busy by taking sun sights, practicing reefing and enjoying a great lasagna cooked by Mia. 

It is just a few hours ago, as the sun was setting down the oily windless sea that the breeze started picking up a little bit, we unfurled the jib, turned the engine off and are now under way not making a lot of way, but enjoying the peace and quiet of a very stary night. 

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