BMComposites antenna flag pole addresses yacht connectivity challenges

Composite antenna flag pole.

Photo Credit: BMComposites

BMComposites (Palma, Spain) has designed an innovative antenna flag pole solution, specifically to suit the Starlink Maritime high-performance antenna, and provide dual function as a sailing yacht’s flag pole.

Many sailing yachts have found that when these antennas are spreader mounted, the mast obscures the signal. BMComposite says its solution, however, eliminates this issue, without impinging on deck space or hindering sailing maneuvers. 

“We were sailing with a 30-degree heel angle and doing 13 knots of boat speed, while enjoying 390 megabits/second download speeds!” contends the captain of SY Shagala Bagala.

The panel is installed on the ensign staff mount, which is engineered and constructed in high-strength, autoclave-cured carbon fiber. It features a stainless steel or titanium mounting base, internal flag fittings and has custom yacht finishes. With variable lengths between 2,000 to 2,600 millimeters, the antenna pole is suitable for sailing yachts of all sizes.

The flag poles are available with a lead time of just 2 weeks and can be installed on site in 24 hours.

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