Canada Day with the Regina Sailing Club sees hundreds attend

Hundreds gathered near Last Mountain Lake for Canada Day celebrations over the weekend, courtesy of the Regina Sailing Club.

Beth and the Rockets provided entertainment for the party of about 400 people at Saskatchewan Beach.

The barbeque and community event is held annually and provides residents in the area with some Canada Day fun as well as outreach for the club itself.

“It seems like an elegant sport. You do down there, you don’t need a motor, you just need your own skills and some good equipment,” Graham Cooper, a commodore with the club told CTV News.

“Favourable conditions wouldn’t hurt, and then you can get out, and you can move out on the water.”

The Regina Sailing Club offers weekly races, a sailing school and its annual “Bilge Rat Regatta.”

Cooper says the club is always looking for new members.

More info can be found here.

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