Cat Sailing Around the World with Her Parents Is Truly Living Her Best Life

Growing up we thought cats only liked being inside with the occasional few trying to escape out the door. But recently, we’re seeing more and more videos of adventure cats going sledding and camping and hiking. We’re always so impressed!

A new adventure cat that came across our timeline is a salty boat cat and we’re in love. She’s truly living her best life. To say we’re jealous would be an understatement. Take a look at this clip from TikTok user @twothehorizon that shows how this cat handles the water.

O.M.G. How precious is this! We’re honestly so amazed that this cat doesn’t get sea sick anymore. Our cat can barely handle a car ride so we’re very, very impressed with this cat named Fathom. We also can’t believe in just three years she’s traveled over 6,000 ocean miles. She’s about to become the Queen of the Sea if she keeps it up!

“Cats living a better life than I am,” wrote @barbsvstheworld. SAME! Not only is this cat living a better life than we are, she’s way more fearless than us. We want to come back in another life as a boat cat. LOL! @stonedgolfer asked, “Can you pick me up for a day or two?” For real though!

As it turns out, this cat isn’t the only fur baby that sailed around the world with his or her parents. Last year, we met Rusty the cat who lives on a boat as well. Just like Fathom, Rusty joined the crew at a very young age. So they both have only known life on the water. Does it get any cooler than that?!

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