Clear sailing into weekend

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -The fall dry season is now entrenched and areas west of Huntington are especially dry as we come out of summer. That dryness has helped to foster a few brush fires where a carelessly lit match has been tossed in northern Kentucky. Since fall fire season doesn’t officially start until October, there are no temporal (time) restrictions to burning right now. There is one exception to this notion; namely, in Greenup County there is a no burn ban in effect for the next few days as we await new rains. As it turns out, our next risk of rain may hold off for more than 5 days.

Tonight we will be treated to a fiery sunset as temperatures fall from the 70s into the 60s. Fair skies overnight will coax temperatures to drop back into the 50s. Patchy dense fog will greet the drive to work and school. Thursday’s skies will feature plenty of hazy sunshine as highs aim for the low 80s. There is a chance of a shower in mountainous West Virginia. Friday more of the same with lots of sunshine and highs aiming for 80.

By the weekend a coastal storm will bring rains along the coast at seashore communities from Myrtle Beach (Saturday) to Coney Island (Sunday). Meanwhile a Midwest cold front will stay put along the Mississippi River Valley with showers common from the Twin Cities and Chicago south to St Louis and Memphis. That leaves our area in the sweet spot for rain free weather with partially sunny days. Highs in the 70s will be ideal for fairs, festivals and football games.

By Tuesday-Wednesday next week showers should finally return, though before then we will need to be vigilant for the risk of new fires.

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