Clear sailing through Saturday

HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WSAZ) -The weather has turned rather benign this week. Saturday’s rains are now a distant thought as ball fields, gardens, and parks dry day by day. The power of the late May sun is on par with even June as the strongest of the year. And don’t let the haze layer fool you since hazy sun days are equally strong to blue days and hence capable of bad sunburns. SPF 30 please the rest of the spring and all summer long for kids off from school.

Tonight, clear skies with a hazy sunset. Evening temperatures in the 70s will back off to 50 with patchy fog at dawn. Wednesday sunshiny skies with a warm breeze will propel highs back to 80 degrees. This sets the stage for three more dry days Thursday through Saturday with ample sunshine. Highs will back off into the 70s.

Meanwhile a nasty period is ahead for the Myrtle Beach Grand Strand where a coastal storm with gales and heavy rains will be developing as we head to the end of the week. Vacationers beware! In this this storm is likely to send some showers our way for the second half of the holiday weekend. So after a dry Saturday, scattered showers return to the forecast by Sunday and Monday.

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