ClickUp Affiliate Program Review | An In-Depth Guide

If you have been looking for new ways of monetizing your content and you are in the niche of productivity, project and task management, time management, and marketing, becoming a ClickUp affiliate might be right up your alley. 

In today’s article, we’re looking at everything that this program has to offer – from how much you can make to what payment options you have at your disposal and anything else you may have to be aware of before becoming an affiliate. 

ClickUp Affiliate Program Review

What is ClickUp?

Put simply, ClickUp is a tool that can take anyone’s productivity to a whole new level. Users can assign tasks, set up deadlines, and check that their content is written, their website glitches are fixed, and complete their SEO work in time and with as little effort as possible. 

There are several different categories both in terms of what the user desires to achieve and with regard to the progress of each task. Chats are also integrated in the tool, so that makes things easier for everyone involved, be they employers or employees. 

The dashboard also makes it a breeze for project managers to take a look at everything, whether that be in terms of project status, priorities for the week, or the number of tasks left by the end of each week. 

In a nutshell, ClickUp is a productivity and team collaboration tool that makes life easier and more convenient for anyone working online right now. 

What services can you recommend to your followers?

Before you become an affiliate, it would be a good idea for you to do a bit of research on your own to find out more about the features that the platform can offer to end-users, along with how much it costs. 

Because we will talk about how much you can earn with this opportunity, we thought we’d delve into the plans that are currently available and what they include. 

First off, there’s a free forever plan that anyone can try without any commitment whatsoever, and it comes with features ranging from 100MB storage and unlimited free plan members to collaborative docs, whiteboards, and real-time chat. 

The first paid plan is called Unlimited and as per the brand’s own statement, it is the best choice for small teams. It comes with everything we have previously mentioned and extra features such as unlimited Gantt charts, guests with permissions, unlimited dashboards, email in ClickUp, goals and portfolios and all of this at the price of $5 per month per member. 

The Business plan is billed at $12 per member per month and it includes additional features such as advanced automations and advanced public sharing, granular time estimates, workload management, timelines and mind maps, and more. 

The Business Plus costs $19 per member per month and it comes with the previously mentioned perks along with team sharing, custom role creation, custom capacity in workload, increased automations and API and more. 

For the Enterprise plans, people need to get in touch with the company’s sales team so ask what options are available right now. Anything is possible with a bit of customization for these large clients, whether that be live onboarding training or a dedicated success manager. 

How to become a ClickUp ambassador, partner, or affiliate

What makes this affiliate program a little unique is that it is managed by Impact Radius, a network that we have reviewed in the past and that is, alongside the likes of ShareASale, CJ Affiliate, or Awin, one of the largest and most popular choices out there. 

To get started with this money-making opportunity, you need to fill out a form that’s available for the ClickUp affiliate program on the Impact website. They will ask you for information such as your full name and email, along with some info regarding your company, your website, the country you are based in, the currency you tend to use, and the type of business model you have. 

All in all, it is a pretty straightforward process and you’ll get your application response in about a week’s time or a little more. 

How much can you make with ClickUp affiliate marketing?

The earnings that you can expect with the ClickUp affiliate program are quite unusual when comparing them to what other companies have to offer. We’d say that you are not going to get rich with this type of affiliate marketing unless you have a fairly large audience based in first-world countries. 

You can make $20 per activated workspace if your referrals are based in locations such as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. For the rest of the countries, you can make anything between $.50 and $15.

If you take the time to have a look at your application on the Impact affiliate platform, you will be able to consult all of the commission rates for most countries. To give you a few examples, anyone located in Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the Czech Republic, and others, will convert into a $5 commission per activated workspace for you. 

However, any conversions coming from locations such as Brazil, Greece, or Mexico will bring you a commission of just $1. 

If your conversions come from countries such as Nigeria or Hungary, the rate will be just $.50. So as you can see, it tends to differ largely depending on this factor — which is something that some affiliates might not be over the moon about. 

ClickUp affiliate payout – methods and thresholds

The only payment method currently available is PayPal, which can be another reason why some marketers might not be overly enthusiastic about this affiliate program. PayPal has become less popular over the past few years on account of its hefty fees and because the brand is now notorious for deleting accounts without providing an explanation. 

On the other hand, at least there’s a limit of just $20 for withdrawing your earnings, something that we haven’t found to be very common with other programs. Most operate on thresholds of at least $50, if not $100. 

ClickUp referral program pros and cons

As you can expect, there are both drawbacks and benefits of ClickUp affiliate marketing, so you need to carefully jot down all of them on a piece of paper or in a document and decide whether it makes sense for you to use this program as a means of increasing your monthly income. 

Starting out with the pros, we’d say that ClickUp is a pretty well-established brand, which is why some of your referrals might have already heard of it. Lots of managers now use the service, especially when hiring people from across the world or just outsourcing tedious tasks that they wouldn’t want their in-house team to waste time on. 

We can’t say that the tracking cookie is an advantage or a disadvantage since it lasts for 30 days, so it’s pretty much the industry standard. 

While the PayPal payment option is certainly beneficial for people based in all sorts of countries, it can also be looked at as a con given how much it costs and other potential complications. 

There’s a 45-day waiting period before you are able to withdraw your earnings, but that should be expected from most affiliate programs. Your commissions will be checked so that they are good-standing and don’t come from previous ClickUp users or yourself, for that matter. 

Finally, the biggest drawback that we were able to come up with is the commission rate. $20 might just not be enough for someone promoting a product, especially if they have a large audience and they can get better commission someplace else. The fact that it’s not a recurring rate, either, and that conversions from specific countries can only generate $1 (and even less!) in terms of commissions is not worth writing home about, either. 

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ClickUp affiliate program alternatives

If you’ve decided that becoming a ClickUp affiliate is not the best choice for you right now, have a look at the options that we have showcased in the section below. 


As a Hive affiliate, you make 30% out of your referrals’ subscription value. Just to give you a clue as to how much Hive products cost, there is a free plan available, but the first paid one is billed at $12 per month (annually) and $18 per month (monthly). 

The rate lasts for the first 12 months of the initial purchase, so that’s a positive to keep in mind. The cookie duration is 90 days, so it is three times longer compared to the industry standard of 30 days. You can only utilize PayPal to withdraw your earnings to your bank account, so do consider that before submitting your application. 

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This affiliate program is managed by PartnerStack, so that’s one less thing to worry about. Notion has become quite popular over the past few years, with lots of influencers using it for time management and task management. 

As a Notion affiliate, you can make 50% of whatever your referrals are paying for Notion products. This is a recurring commission for a period of 12 months. There is a free trial available, so your audience can give Notion a shot before deciding to invest their hard-earned cash in a paid subscription. 


nTask’s affiliate program also runs through PartnerStack, although there is the option of you joining through TapFiliate if that’s the platform that you prefer. In a nutshell, you get paid 20% out of the value of the sales placed through your affiliate link. 

There’s no recurrence to speak of in this case, so you’ll have to decide whether becoming an nTask affiliate actually makes sense for you or not. A 7-day free trial does exist, so at least people can test the product before spending money on it.

What seems to set the Teamwork affiliate program aside from the ones that we have previously mentioned is the tier paying system. When you join and convert just 5 people, your commission rate will be just 10% out of whatever they are paying for their Teamwork subscription. 

However, once you start getting more and more people, your rate is increased to 15% to 40% depending on the number of conversions you manage to make. PartnerStack is the platform of choice for the management of this program, so if you are already using it for other programs, it’ll be easier for you. 

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When it comes to Scoro, there are several different choices that you need to consider. As a referral partner, you make 15% out of what your referrals are paying for Scoro whereas as a Reseller partner, your commission becomes 25%. There’s also the Full-Service Partner tier, where you get a 40% margin.

From what we have gathered, the Scoro affiliate program is self-managed, so you will have to submit your application on the brand’s own website rather than on a separate affiliate network.

Pretty much anyone that has ever worked online before has heard of – the company has grown a lot over the past few years and it is now used by thousands and thousands of project managers across the world. 

We’d say that this is a program you should look into since you have the opportunity to make up to 100% out of the first year’s sales of your referrals. You can be paid through Stripe or PayPal, depending on whichever one you prefer most. 


Unlike some of the other programs that we have mentioned above, this one works through ShareASale, one of the largest affiliate networks in the world right now. Granted, ShareASale has a lot of programs focused on physical products, but they’ve started to branch out to digital ones fairly recently, too. 

As a affiliate, you make 50% out of what people are buying through your affiliate link. 

Final thoughts

So, does it make sense for you to consider ClickUp as a way of increasing your side income? While only you can answer this question and it does seem to be a quite lucrative opportunity, we’d argue that there are better alternatives out there, so you should do a bit of research on your own.

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