Does Captain Glenn Kick Off the ‘Aggro’ Throuple on ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’?

More than once Captain Glenn Shephard warned the charter guest throuple on Below Deck Sailing Yacht that if they get “aggro,” they are off the boat.

The trio of lovers got so drunk early in the charter, they ended up fighting to the point where the captain had to step in. How bad does it get and does Captain Glenn have to bounce the guests off of Parsifal III?

How did the ‘aggro’ throuple behavior start on ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’?

The entire group of charter guests started pounding drinks almost immediately, but trouble started rumbling when Randy “Ray,” Brad’s husband, snarked that chief stew Daisy Kelliher was being too slow with the cocktails. Words were starting to slur and it was clear that many of the guests reached the point of no return.

Captain Glenn Shephard from 'Below Deck Sailing Yacht' at the helm
Captain Glenn Shephard| Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Ray heads back to his cabin to nap (pass out). Brad and Ray’s boyfriend Nic checks on him and brings him water. Ray’s response: “F*** you.” Ray says he is going to be sick as Parsifal III goes into a full heel during a sail. The men argue from behind closed doors.

Later Ray angrily insists that Nic left him on the floor passed out and didn’t put him in bed. He demands an apology from Nic. Nic, who is far more lucid, tries to calm Ray down and now Brad is in the room and involved in the spat too.

Captain Glenn says he won’t put up with any aggro behavior

Brad and Ray then remind Nic he’s their guest and the trio go around and around demanding apologies. Brad says that Nic threw a “whole glass” of water at Ray and Nic tells Ray to go “f***” himself.

Fighting continues as the crew prepares for dinner. In the crew mess, stew Lucy Edmunds tells Captain Glenn and the rest of the crew that the “aggro” throuple is arguing on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. “Are they getting aggro?” Captain Glenn asks. “Like, are they gonna fight?”

“This is the last charter of a very long, tough season,” Captain Glenn says in a confessional. “I just want happy guests who can enjoy themselves and relax. I don’t need a spat!”

Captain Glenn tells the stews to let him know “immediately” if they see anything “weird” going on with the guests.

The throuple continues to argue as they get ready for dinner and Ray is still angry. Brad tries to reason with Ray but it’s not working.

‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’ guests bring ‘aggro’ to dinner

The trio finally join the rest of the guests at dinner and it’s clear Ray is still very drunk. Meanwhile, Lucy cleans the cabins and finds vomit in the sink.

Ray then starts to argue with Grant at dinner and even puts his finger in Grant’s face. So Todd and Grant excuse themselves from the table because Ray is clearly getting “aggro.” Grant and Todd try to remove themselves from the situation but then Randy goes looking for trouble when he insists on talking to them.

Knowing that this could become explosive, Lucy tells Captain Glenn they are going down to the guest cabins to “talk.” Annoyed, Captain Glenn heads to the guest cabins to extinguish any drama.

Does Captain Glenn remove any of the aggro guests from Parsifal III?

Captain Glenn arrives as Todd kicks Ray out of his room. “This is ridiculous,” Captain Glenn tells Ray. “The first moment I see anyone getting aggro they will be getting off the boat.” Unfortunately for Ray, he doesn’t seem to understand that this warning is a promise and starts to argue with Captain Glenn.

Ray backs into his cabin, still arguing with Captain Glenn, which is when Daisy steps in. “Maybe it’s best that we leave it until morning when everyone’s calmed down and sobered up a bit,” she says to Ray. And while he complies, Daisy isn’t confident the men will stay in their cabins. She asks the deck crew to keep watch on the cabins. Captain Glenn says that one punch will bounce the guests off the boat.

Thankfully (for the guests) the fight doesn’t come to blows and they finish their charter.

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