Estimating Expenses for your First Yacht Charter Holiday

Additional Costs to Consider when Chartering for the First Time

Are you chartering for the first time and unsure how to budget for your sailing holiday? Our charter experts are here to assist you!

When viewing your yacht charter offers for the first time, you will find the cost to rent the boat, followed by the skipper fee and the options and extras. The options and extras include obligatory, included and optional costs. For example, the obligatory charges can include the final cleaning of the boat, the outboard engine for the tender and the cost of additional crew (hostess, cook, deckhand). Many renters include the basics such as a welcome kit to get you started, bed linen and towels for the cabin, and the tender. There are also optional extras you can take such as water toys (stand up paddle, kayak), transfer to the boarding base, and Wi-Fi, to name a few.

However, there are additional expenses to keep in mind that are not generally listed on your offer (unless otherwise specified). We’ve prepared a list below so you will arrive at the marina a charter expert!

Port and Mooring Fees

· Port fees vary depending on the port. You can also opt for dropping the anchor in a bay, which usually would be free of charge, or you may attach your boat to a buoy at a reduced cost.

· For the average cost of mooring in your destination, please ask your charter advisor who will be able to provide you with an approximate cost based upon the marina, boat size and season.


· Fuel costs depend upon how much you use the sails versus the engine. Ideally, you are using the sails, and normally you would only use the engine for mooring and maneuvering into the marina or harbour. However, sailing is always dependent upon wind and weather conditions. If you have a day without wind you would have to use the engine.

· Generally, we estimate at minimum a few hundred EUR per week for fuel costs on your sailing holiday.


· You will also need to consider the cost of provisioning, or groceries, during your charter holiday. The skipper and other crew members should be accounted for when planning the meals.

· Depending upon the base, there is often a way to organise delivery of your provisioning to the boat so that it is ready upon arrival. The base should be able to recommend a supermarket or online shopping company; otherwise, there are always supermarkets close to the marinas where you can shop upon your arrival.

Crew Gratuity

· It is customary to tip your skipper and/or crew around 5-15% of the base charter price. It is not obligatory and up to your own discretion depending upon the crew size, length of the charter, service level and your overall experience.

Are you ready to start planning your sailing holiday?

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