Follow Our Journey! Alpha & Tango 3 – Day 3



Written by Megan B., Provisions Manager

Today was filled with fun adventures for everyone at Cooper Island! We began the day with some yummy scrambled eggs with veggies and cheese, and our Open Water and Fun divers going to shore for a day full of diving! The rest of us went ashore shortly afterwards to check out the shops, the beach, and, of course, Cooper Island ice cream!!!


While ashore, there was also tubing and water skiing going on. By 11:00 AM we started to make our way back to the boats to prepare for lunch and to pick up our fun divers! Lunch was B.L.T.s – a camper favorite! We dropped our Discover Scuba Divers off at shore following lunch, and prepared to get off of the mooring ball. We completed a short motor to the island next door named “Salt Island,” for its two salt ponds.





We dropped anchor for the first time this program and went ashore for a hike up the cliff lines of the island. This is one of our favorite hikes as one can see the edges of the island in all directions, beautiful rocky cliffs being splashed upon by the bright blue Caribbean water, and the surrounding islands as well. Salt Island is also home to the wreck of the RMS Rhone, a mail ship from the UK which sunk during a hurricane in October of 1867.




Our Fun divers actually got to dive this wreck earlier this morning before doing the hike! Afterwards we up-anchored and returned to mooring balls at Cooper Island, for showers and dinner prep – we had vodka pasta tonight! Dinner was followed by a quiet night and power down at 9:15 PM. After such an action packed day, we cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings!!





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