Follow Our Journey! Alpha & Tango – Day 6



Written by Alex L., Mate

After a great night’s sleep at the Village, we woke up and got ready for the day. We then de-docked with precision and elegance before starting our sail towards Sandy Cay! On the sail we learned about the points of sail (how the boat works in relation to the wind direction) and how to tack and jibe.



We were also getting ready for the main event: Sail Caribbean Olympics. The teams took the dinghies ashore with face paint, flags and enthusiasm. The fleet staff then came out with togas and leaves to announce the games. First off, campers had to run a relay race in fins and snorkels which led to a lot of zig zag runs but people always knew to run towards their cheering boat mates!


Then campers were tasked to create a synchronized swim routine to show to the judges. They included sitting on shoulders, tunnels and even flips! Afterwards they were tasked to catch one of their counsellors and turn them into a sand sculpture. They made mermaids, weight lifters and even a dragon with stones for scales! Finally there was a tug of war competition! After a whole lot of fun, we headed back to boats to get underway. “The dragon was a great bonding experience”- Sienna Coen.



We then headed to cane garden bay and held a formation on the sail. Afterwards we picked up the mooring ball and settled down with a Mediterranean dinner.





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