Follow Our Journey: Bravo 2, Charlie 2, Foxtrot 2 & Sierra 2 – Day 9

Written by Callie W., mate

We had a late morning, sleeping in until 8 am. As everyone started to get up and start to put their sleeping bags away, we began to get ready for the pancake party competition! We had so many students in the kitchen working together on a plan to create the best pancake for the staff boat to try. The staff boat arrived around 9:15, belting Christmas music as it was July 25th, Christmas in July! They judged the pancakes on presentation, taste, and how well they frisbeed.




After the pancake party, we began getting ready to go to shore at Anegada! We ventured over to land, where there were trucks waiting for us to give us a tour of the island. Those in the Foxtrot & Sierra programs stayed behind for a turtle tagging lesson by our marine biology coordinator, Natalie. Afterwards they took a truck ride over to meet us at Big Bamboo.




We hung out, did a beach clean, and had a beach picnic in which students had the option to pack a lunch from the boat or buy lunch from the restaurant. We learned about the leave-no-trace initiative and how it is important to consider the impact humans have on global warming and the ecosystems that support us.


After we made our second stop at the shark ponds! We walked across the sand bank looking for baby sharks and other creatures. We climbed into the trucks for a final drive to where we begun.





back to boats we had a huge shower party and listened to music throughout. We started dinner prep for having chicken mozzarella melts. Everyone sat together at dinner to enjoy a meal together as the rain came in. Soon after dinner and dinner clean, we had a fun boat meeting playing pirates and headed to bed for the night.


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