Follow Our Journey: Bravo, Charlie, Foxtrot & Sierra – Day 10



Happy Fourth of July!!! This morning, we woke up at the Bitter End to get ready for a super fun day! On Vesper, we started our morning with the Star Spangled Banner and continued into an America-themed playlist made by the amazing campers on Sonsbeek. EJ and Zoe came around on the rib and delivered fourth-themed temporary tattoos and flags to all the boats as a little morning hype-up.


We helped ourselves to a breakfast buffet to fuel us up for a busy day. We even had everything bagels as a special treat in addition to our usual plain and blueberry bagels. After getting slightly delayed by some rain coming through, everyone dropped their mooring balls and headed over to a nearby island called Prickly Pear, where we anchored for a swim/snorkel. Before beginning the swim, a few marine bio staff gave a fish ID lesson and a coral briefing to teach everyone about all the awesome things we could see!! After the swim, we made sandwiches, then motored over to Blunder to dock. Everyone did a superb job docking, I saw some especially excellent line throws from Betty’s Dream. Speaking of, shout out to Fernanda on Betty’s Dream, who was celebrating her birthday! Once docked, each boat did a super thorough clean. Once they passed inspection by the lovely Nat, everyone showered and got ready for the Fourth of July barbecue with Alpha fleet!




Both fleets came to shore for drinks, food, music, and a fun evening. We had an amazing spread of burgers, hot dogs, rice and beans, veggies, fries, and anything else you can think of. The potato salad was especially delicious. The kids had a great time socializing with the other fleet, dancing with the DJ, and spending time with their friends for a few hours.




Exhausted after all that, everyone went back to the boats at around 9:15 pm and had a pretty quiet rest of the evening. Once again, happy fourth, and I hope everyone back home had a fun holiday!




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