Follow Our Journey! Day 5 – Delta

Written by Lilly S., Mate/Social Media Coordinator

Rain or shine, our campers are eager to take on stormy seas! Our Delta students had their first rain-sail today and embraced the adventurous spirit of a Sail Caribbean summer. After a nice, calm morning at Norman Island with eggs and bacon for breakfast, we dropped the ball at The Bight and left for Trellis Bay on Beef Island where we stopped to play in the rain, make lunch, and get ready for the rest of the sail to the Bitter End Yacht Club in the North Sound. Our students and staff are excited to enjoy the temperature drop for a few days. Once we started our approach to the Bitter End, we went over a docking lesson and the students enthusiastically jumped up to grab fenders and tie dock lines. Our skipper of the day, Cooper, lead us calmly and collectedly to the docks after a long days’ sail.

Once we were docked, land shower rotations started! Land showers are a treat down here. After we were done with that, it was time for dinner and a soda social! Campers got all dolled up, took some sunset photos, and got to bond with our neighbor boat on Delta, S/Y Nosy Be! It was an eventful day, and we are ready to rest up for our overnight sail starting tomorrow afternoon (06/30) heading ‘down island’ to the Leeward Islands! Be sure to stay tuned for more.

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