Follow Our Journey: Delta 2s, Day 2


Written by Lilly S., Mate/Social Media Coordinator

Good morning from the Delta staff! We are so excited to be hosting a new group of Deltas for the next three weeks. Students trickled in around 5 PM yesterday and continued arriving throughout the night. We greeted our new crew with our signature yellow Sail Caribbean flags and a yummy rice and chicken supper after a long day of travel. Crews unpacked and started getting acclimated to their boats, as well as got to reunite their friends from last year, while new campers were able to get to know some new friends as well!


After dinner and refreshing showers, we had a ten minute boat meeting, played some name games, and shared some fun facts about ourselves. Our students are already meshing and getting along well with their fellow crew mates. This morning, July 18, crews woke up bright and early and made breakfast for everyone. After breakfast, we got started on boat chores, staff did ‘Prior to First’ which is our fancy way of showing kids around their boats. We briefed sail terms and boat knowledge that will be good to know throughout our program. So far, so good!



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