Follow Our Journey! Earlies – Day 4


Written by Lilly D., & Emily Jane W., Program Directors

Early this morning, our Sail Director, Arter, woke the fleet up with an energizing morning announcement. We started bright and early to catch a Caribbean glow for our boat photos! Next was a breakfast buffet to gear up for a big day of SCUBA diving. Our Open Water divers and Advanced Open Water divers met the dive boat for some underwater exploration in the morning.




For lunch we had a Sail Caribbean classic, pizza bagels! Yum! After lunch we had ourselves a “FAFternoon”, as we like to call it. An afternoon of tubing, Colgate sailing, wakeboarding and waterskiing and swimming! Handwritten notes were delivered to Staff Boat inviting us to join for dinner!

After ocean showers and baked penne pasta, we all wore our jorts to shore for a soda social! We had delicious virgin Caribbean pina coladas, daiquiris and sodas! A beautiful evening spent all together, a clear sky full of stars, and a nice breeze to cool us down after a day spent well in the sun.

Tomorrow we head to docks and are looking forward to fresh water showers and a check in back home!




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