Follow Our Journey! Earlies – Day 6




Written by Addie S., Mate

Today was a beautiful day for sailing that started with a big breakfast buffet onboard boats Nanny Cay. After breakfast our Foxtrot students learned about marine hazards to wildlife, and travelled to see a local sea turtle with only three flippers. They all loved learning more about the local marine life.

From there, our students de-docked beautifully from Nanny Cay. Promptly thereafter, we raised our sails and headed to Trellis Bay. It was a beautiful upwind sail with the wind blowing around 15 knots! All students had ample time for lots of practice at tacking and monitoring our sailing speed on the speedometer.

Once at Trellis Bay, we explored a local art store and mingled as a fleet! We then headed back to boats to snorkel and have a quick swim before going ashore for dinner where we had sushi, burgers, and plenty of delicious food!




With good music came impromptu dancing! Tired out, we returned to boats and quickly fell asleep to get well rested for our sail to Savannah Bay the next day.






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