From flight to sailing as Hampstead woman speaks about Richard Branson cruise giveaway

HAMPSTEAD, NC (WWAY) — When April Jones stepped on her flight to San Juan, Puerto Rico, she didn’t expect to get a free ride on another form of transportation out of it.

After boarding the Delta flight from Atlanta, Jones and every other passenger and crew member received a free cruise courtesy of billionaire Richard Branson.

The free cruise would be aboard Virgin Voyage’s Resilient Lady.

Branson announced over the PA system that the giveaway was his way of celebrating the Resilient Lady’s new home port becoming San Juan.

Jones said she was very surprised but happy with the gift.

I mean just kind of disbelief, what’s the catch,” Jones said. “You know, like, just kind of happy. I was honestly more happy for the girl that was beside me. She was a nursing student and her and all of her friends were on spring break and so she was super excited and grinning about it, so I was really happy for her.”

Jones said she plans to use the cruise to have a second honeymoon with her husband, sometime later this year.

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