G20 Summit Preparations In Delhi | Govt Launches ‘Vikrant’ To Insure Security & Smooth Sailing

Updated Sep 6, 2023 | 06:48 PM IST

The government in Delhi has launched ‘Vikrant’, a vehicle equipped with all the necessary gear for security during the G20 Summit. The vehicle has been launched in each district of Delhi to ensure law and order remain intact and avoid all sorts of protests. While teams will be allotted to protect each district, Vikrant will act as an additional member of the team who is responsible for carrying all necessary equipment to the scene of need. The government has made the necessary arrangements, keeping in mind the security of guests and national interests. Watch the full video to know the details of Vikrant and catch the visuals of the same. #g20summit2023 #g20vikrant #g20preparationsindelhi #g20 #g20delhi #g20summit #g20news #g20securityindelhi #g20delhi2023 #topnews #englishnews #latestnews #latestupdates

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