Got Dutch rail trip plans this summer? These new EU train rules ensure smooth sailing

Worried about train disruptions and missed connections putting a damper on your trip this summer? With new EU rail rules getting rolled out, you can rest easy with the knowledge those fears are chugging far, far away. 🚆

These new regulations were introduced on June 7 and their aim is to protect train passenger’s rights, claims Euronews Travel. What does this mean for you? You can get compensation for missed connections and train cancellations. Wat leuk!

Helaas, there is a catch. If the train disruption is caused by an event outside of the train operator’s control, then companies don’t have to pay compensation.

Extraordinary circumstances mean you lose

Before the new rules came into effect, passengers could claim 25% of their ticket price back for delays over an hour and 50% for delays of more than two hours.

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With the new rail rules, events such as storms, flooding, terrorist attacks, and pandemics mean companies won’t have to pay compensation. The good news, however? These rules only apply if the company can’t prevent or avoid delays caused by these events. 

Luckily, strikes don’t count as extraordinary circumstances, so we won’t have to worry about losing money that way. Phew! 😅

Protection for your wallet

The updated rules aren’t all bad. In fact, you’ll be relieved to hear that if train travel is disrupted and you aren’t offered a solution within 100 minutes, you can organise a new route by rail or bus.

The best part? You will be reimbursed for the cost of the new ticket.

We all know the stress of sprinting to make a train connection that’s leaving in just two minutes. Well, if you now happen to miss the connection that you paid for with a combined ticket, you won’t be left in the lurch. 

You can receive ticket reimbursement, compensation, refreshments, and even accommodation if your travel can’t continue on the same day.

We don’t know about you, but we’re now ready for some stress-free summer travel! 🙌

Have you gotten compensation for train disruptions before? Tell us about your experience in the comments!

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