Highveld Sailing Club members sail under the stars on Trichardtsfontein Dam

The Highveld Sailing Club members gathered for an unforgettable social sailing event on the calm waters of Trichardtfontein Dam on February 24.

The full moon’s glow illuminated the evening, casting a magical atmosphere over the sailboats decorated with twinkling lights.

Guided by the gentle breeze and the moon’s shimmering reflection, enthusiastic sailors of all skill levels set sail on their vessels.

Laughter and conversation filled the air when the participants navigated the calmer waters, forging new friendships and strengthening existing bonds.

The event served as a reminder of the beauty of nature and the joy of coming together as a club to enjoy a shared passion.

It was a memorable evening, filled with laughter, friendship and the simple pleasure of sailing under the stars.

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