Iconic Sailing Superyacht Maltese Falcon Reveals Fresh Refit And New Foundation

One of the world’s most iconic sailing superyachts, Maltese Falcon, has returned to the ocean with a fresh refit for the summer charter season. The 88-metre Perini Navi yacht, originally built for American businessman and venture capitalist Tom Perkins, maintains her instantly recognisable form, with a few tweaks.

“It was a challenging job and an effort that involved everyone, because of the high expectations around the project and the complexity of its planning and execution, but the result is more than satisfactory thanks to the support of the yard and Lusben’s team,” Pierfrancesco Cafaro, captain of Maltese Falcon, said of the six-month project. “The Maltese Falcon can now return to the sea in all her splendour, regaling her guests with new and unforgettable experiences.”

As well as re-painting the hull in its distinctive ‘Perini Blue’, an 80-strong team carried out maintenance on the yacht’s onboard and mast handling systems, and made updates to boost sustainability, such as replacing generators with more efficient units.

She was re-launched at an event at the Lusben shipyard in Italy, where those involved in the refit came together to celebrate the yacht’s second life. They also used the opportunity to launch a special new endeavour, The Maltese Falcon Foundation.

“Maltese Falcon is recognised wherever she sails and therefore the owning team felt with such an icon it cannot just operate as another charter vessel, they felt they had the opportunity to do something very special, they wanted the MF to be representative of something bigger,” said Nicci Perides, global head of PR and communications at Burgess. “With a love for the sea, and protection of the oceans they were inspired to set up the MF Foundation for the protection and safeguard of the sea and oceans.”

“When the owners set off on this massive project to buy and operate Maltese Falcon, one of the concepts was that the company was not just buying a superyacht, but in reality, we were buying a concept,” Nick Valenzia, partner at Mamo TCV Advocates, added. “This vessel stands alone with presence of its own and, just like an important person, where Maltese Falcon goes, it leaves its mark. With such an icon, we could not just operate it like any other commercial venture; we wanted to do something very special. We wanted the Maltese Falcon to be representative of something bigger; principally, our love for the sea and the oceans.”

“We know that the seas are unfortunately in trouble, thanks to plastic and over-fishing, while over-use of sea resources is diminishing the value of the whole eco-system within the sea,” Valenzia continued. “We feel that the promotion and the safeguard of the ocean and the seas is something that must accompany the Maltese in whatever it does. This promotion started last year with giving accessibility to the Maltese Falcon to individuals who might not have the opportunity to see such an item of luxury.”

The paperwork is still being finalised so more details will follow on how the foundation will work and how people can get a first-hand look at this incredible, iconic vessel.

In the meantime, Captain PierFrancesco Cafaro revealed details of one of the initiative’s first projects: “We invited autistic children and young kids from the special Olympic team to sail aboard in Malta last year, and we will do this again in Greece this year. This will be a part of our future.”

Maltese Falcon is available to charter through Burgess from $490,000 per week

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