ISBJORN & ICEBEAR update // November 19

Here is another update from the boats, this time I decided to make a combined post from both of the boats.

ICEBEAR is within 100 miles from Antigua with and ETA this evening, not sure if they can make it before sunset. ISBJORN is about a day behind, and will arrive sometime Friday evening / night.

It has been great sailing the last stretch since they turned the corner after Bermuda. Lots of squalls to dodge, but also some fantastic sailing and clear skys in between.

On ISBJORN they have been busy celebrating Frederik’s birthday a few days ago, and yesterday they had the smell of fresh baked bread in the cabin. Kitty, one of the crew onboard, got inspired and baked up a storm (can you say that?). Liz had already planned to make some bread as they had ran out of bread a few days back. Tortilla wraps are great, but nothing beats the smell and taste of fresh bread hundreds of miles offshore 🙂

There has been little sea life reported from ISBJORN, “we have only seen some flying fish, and three birds” reported Liz in her last update. I have not heard much about sea life on the reports from ICEBEAR, so I assume they haven’t seen much either.

On ICEBEAR Emma said “Meat and potatoes dinner tonight left crew happy. Everyone’s ready for a swim and a rum, but enjoying every moment we have out here in the big blue. 2 crew had their first flying fish kisses today.”

It is now very hot in the cabins, the Caribbean sun and the tropical humidity, in combination with having all hatches closed. I can imagine all crew are looking forward to a long shower and a nice scrub on arrival! But first a toast of rum on arrival, right?

Thats pretty much it from now, I am looking forward to some long blog posts from the boast’s they arrive in to Antigua and reflect back on the passage!



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