ISBJORN Update November 15 // Beam reaching at 8 kts

November 15, 05.00

It is 2152 here on Isbjorn and i just got off watch at 2100. I am sitting at he Nav Station on Isbjorn with only one red reading light illuminating the dark cloudy night. What a difference a night can make out here. Last night it was gusting 30knts apparent and we had three reefs in the main and genoa. We were pointing at about 50 degrees. We had been going up wind for about 5 days straight and even though the crew were in good spirits we all needed a good rest. Tonight we are beam reaching at 7.5 – 8.5 knots boat speed 15 knts apparent going southeast. Tomorrow the wind is supposed to clock after and we will likely jibe and head south towards Antigua.

By the end of this passage it will be the longest passage i have done – finishing at 14 days. What a historical time to be alive. Mandatory quarantine keeping us at sea and no cruise ships to be seen out here even after a whole week! It has been such a blast to be at sea this long and to have a whole other week to sail. The past year or so most of my trips have been cut off at six days. We are going on eight days and likely have about another week. Not only do you and the crew acclimated to the conditions (even beating upwind for days) but you get to appreciate all of the highs and lows emotionally.

This trip the crew have referred to the boat “the neighborhood” and everyday the neighborhood changes. The lighting, wind, moisture, our sail configuration, what each of us are feeling and learning has been as dynamic as the weather. In this neighborhood no matter the conditions, we will continue to trim our sails, follow our course, and make way supporting each other. Anyway – in just four hours i must rise again so i am off to get some rest.



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