Late Alpha, Charlie, Foxtrot, Sierra: Day 3 – Cooper Island

Written by Sara Read, Mate 

Today campers had a 7:30 wake up at Soldiers Bay and had a tasty breakfast prepared by them. After pre-departure checks were completed, the skippers and their crews learned how to de-moore, and then we were off. Then the sails were raised for a nice up wind sail to Cooper Island Beach Club. During the sail, campers were taught the different points of sail and exactly how up-wind sailing works. Once at Cooper, a lunch of pita sandwiches was prepared to energize the campers for an action packed afternoon. All scuba divers then went ashore to start their lessons while certified divers had an amazing fun dive. Non divers had a lesson on human impacts in the BVI and were able to start tubing. Campers returned to boats and cooked their dinners and cleaned the boats. They started their rest and relaxation after dinner to prepare for another full and fun day of diving!

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