Late Alpha, Charlie, Foxtrot, Sierra: Days 10 & 11 – Little Harbour

Day 10 Written by Sara Read, Mate

Today we woke up at 7:30. The rescue divers got up a bit earlier to go get their Emergency First Responder  Certification. We made breakfast, which consisted of avocado toast eggs and pancakes! Once we completed a thorough boat clean, our Open Water Diving students got ready for an adventurous afternoon.

We started our pre-departure checks before leaving beautiful Leverick Bay and set sail for Little Harbour, Peter Island. The sail started off with a short, rainy squall that made way for sunny and calm waters. Arriving at Little Harbour, students onboard the fleet enjoyed their time snorkeling and participating in water sports! Students swam together making new friendships and life lasting memories.

At 5:30, we started prepping for dinner and made spaghetti and garlic toast. After a long, fun day, we tidied the boat and got ready for our ocean showers under the sunset. It was nice to get to sleep early— busy from a long day of excitement!

Day 11 Written by Melissa Ferreira, Mate

Day 11 on the late program started with an early wake up at 7:15. Breakfast buffet was prepared by Ryan Donovan and Grace O’Donnell on Palilu. Students who are on the Foxtrot & Sierra programs went turtle tagging and were successful in catching and tagging a big turtle! 

The rest of the campers went on a morning hike to the abandoned hotel at beautiful Little harbour. For most of the day students were able to socialise with other boats, swim, do some watersports like tubing and wakeboarding and take in the beautiful turquoise waters in the bay. 

Fun divers and Advanced Open Water divers went for an afternoon of diving at Rainbows Canyons and the Indians. Advanced Open Water divers completed their peak performance buoyancy and navigation dives.

After diving campers had their boat showers and prepared their flavourful Chilli for chilli cook-off. Students get graded on flavour and creativity by the judges. Campers on Palilu ended the day star-gazing on the bow. Another great day on the books in the fabulous British Virgin Islands!


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