LeadPages Affiliate Program Review | An In-Depth Guide

If you’ve been looking for new ways of monetizing your content, no matter the type of media property you have, affiliate marketing should be right up your alley.

We have reviewed hundreds of programs in the past few years and today we’re creating an in-depth review of the LeadPages affiliate program. Read on to find out how much you can earn with this opportunity and whether it actually makes sense for you to consider it or not. 

LeadPages Affiliate Review

What is LeadPages?

It can be a little complicated to understand exactly what LeadPages does in the sense that they have several different products integrated in various plans. In a nutshell, this platform can be used for collecting quality leads and turning them into actual paying customers. 

With the assistance of the software, anyone can build a website in just a few minutes and without having superior technical competences. Landing pages, alert bars, as well as pop-up forms are also available, and with the A/B testing and real-time guidance provided by LeadPages, pretty much any small business owner can make the most of their marketing efforts. 

It’s also worth noting that LeadPages works great for eCommerce website owners, too, especially since it integrates with Stripe. Consequently, one can accept payments from the majority of credit cards in the world right now while also collecting shipping info, sending receipts, and processing refunds with as little effort as possible. 

What services can you recommend to your followers?

We’ve already described some of the core selling points of the product, so we’re not going to put a lot of emphasis on that. But if you need several more details about what you’re going to suggest to your audience, you should focus on things such as free hosting, SEO-friendly pages, GDPR compliance, as well as automatic SSL encryption. 

On top of everything, the platform integrates with a wide range of separate tools, not just Stripe – users can work with anything they please ranging from SalesForce and Zapier to Calendly, Mailchimp, or Facebook, for example. 

Finally, it’s worth noting that this company has a very good reputation when it comes to providing excellent support – their agents are there to answer anyone’s questions, but there’s also an online community that you can find on Facebook with people that are already using LeadPages and that can help with anything. 

Webinars and coaches are also made available by the platform every now and then, so joining the mailing list might be helpful, too. 

Now that we’ve looked at these features, let’s see how much LeadPages costs so that you can understand whether or not your audience will feel tempted to give it a try or not. 

First off, there is a free trial for any of the plans that your referrals end up choosing, so they can first test the product before deciding to invest their hard-earned cash in it. 

With the monthly billing process, the Pro plan costs $99 a month whereas the Standard is priced at $49 per month. The yearly savings are quite notable in this case because the Pro would end up costing just $74 per month while the Standard would come down to just $37 per month. 

But what do these plans include?

Well, the Pro is the more generous option that one can pick in the sense that it includes everything available in the Standard along with two extras, online sales and payments and unlimited A/B split testing respectively. 

The rest of the features range from priority tech support and lead notifications to landing pages and free hosting, as well a free custom domain, up to three different sites, and mobile-responsive site templates. 

Based on some of the other similar software options in the same industry that we have checked out over time, we would go as far as to say that this one is pretty budget-friendly for what the plans have to offer. 

How to become a LeadPages affiliate

The program is managed by PartnerStack, which means that you will need to submit an application on this platform. 

There are both advantages and disadvantages when it comes to separately managed affiliate programs, but we’d say that in this case, it can be a benefit for you if you have several different websites and you rely on multiple programs that are all using PartnerStack for affiliate marketing. 

You essentially have access to everything you need in a single place, such as your commission and conversion data and your performance evolution. 

The application form is quite straightforward in that you need to specify your first and last name, your email, your business name, your website, the country you are located in, the types of marketing that you intend to use and the channels you are most active on, as well as the size of your audience. 

They’ll also ask you for your social media profile links, so in case you don’t have a big following on any network whatsoever, your chances of joining the program might not be so good. 

After you have filled out the form, you can expect an answer from the company in about a week’s time or more. 

LeadPages affiliate commissions – How much can you make as a LeadPages affiliate?

When it comes to the LeadPages affiliate partner program, there are good things and bad things that you need to take into account before even considering this opportunity. 

The good thing is that this is one of those programs that allow recurring commissions for the entire duration of your referrals’ subscription, so you can literally get a consistent income stream for years and years (so long as those people keep using LeadPages). 

The downside is that if you have referred less than $49 of business to LeadPages, you can expect a commission rate of just 10%. That seems a bit too low when compared to what other companies have to offer. 

However, if you refer more than that and up to $2999.99 in 30 days’ time, your commission rate automatically becomes 40%. Once you cross the $3,000 threshold, you can expect to earn 50% out of what your referrals are paying for the plans, although at that point you need to have excellent performance and a huge amount of traffic, as well. 

It’s also worth noting that once you have referred more than 20 customers to LeadPages, they’ll give you access to special discounts and deal packages so that you convince more and more individuals to use your LeadPages affiliate link and bring you more commissions. 

The tracking cookie has a duration of 90 days, so it is 3 times longer than what many other affiliate programs have to offer right now. 

Everything is tracked by PartnerStack, so that’s one less thing to worry about when it comes to the LeadPages affiliate portal. 

LeadPages affiliate payout – What you should know

There are two main methods that affiliate marketers can choose if they are a member of the LeadPages net affiliate program – Stripe and PayPal. 

Stripe definitely makes things a little better because we’ve seen that a lot of other companies rely only on PayPal, therefore restricting affiliates’ access to the program if that payment system is not available to them. 

The payments are made once a month on the 13th of every month. There is a waiting period of 30 days where your commissions are going to be checked or just to be sure that no one asks for a refund and you’re still paid your rate. 

LeadPages affiliate program pros and cons

As you can expect, there are both benefits and drawbacks to the LeadPages affiliate marketing system, but in this case, at least, we would argue that the pros definitely seem to be outweighing the cons. 

The payment methods, along with the cookie duration, not to mention the possibility that you can increase your LeadPages affiliate commissions significantly, are some of the most notable reasons to consider this program. 

We would have liked to see a slightly higher base commission, though, because 10% is not really rewarding or enticing enough especially for seasoned marketers. However, if you are just starting out your journey with making money online, the different tiers could provide you with a bit of motivation. 

On the upside, we do like the fact that everything works through ParterStack, so you aren’t going to have to make a huge amount of effort to check on your performance, use a dashboard that you might be unfamiliar with, or even try to get in touch with customer service agents without any particular success. 

LeadPages affiliate marketing program alternatives

In case you find yourself looking for a better option and you’re not convinced that LeadPages matches your niche or your expectations in terms of earnings, have a look at the list below.

LeadPages vs ClickFunnels affiliate program

We’ve written a review of the ClickFunnels affiliate program in the past, so if you have some time available right now, we suggest you give it a read. The main difference between LeadPages and ClickFunnels when it comes to affiliate marketing is that the base commission with the second company is 20% instead of 10%. 

There are several different tiers but the maximum commission rate you can expect with ClickFunnels is 40% instead of 50%. Still, getting to the 50% promised by LeadPages can be very challenging, since not everyone brings in $3,000 worth of business to a brand every single month. 

We’d say that ClickFunnels is a good option if you do not want to keep all of your eggs in one basket. 


While it is not essentially the same, the GetResponse affiliate program is a good alternative to the LeadPages one and it also comes with some pretty nifty email marketing features, too. 

With this one, you have the freedom to choose the way you want to be paid. You can either pick the $100 no questions asked bounty program where you make the commission once and forget all about it or get a 33% recurring rate on all of the plans purchased through your affiliate link. 

This one works through CJ Affiliate and you should know that there is a withdrawal threshold of $50 on that affiliate network. 


With Unbounce, the commission rate that you can expect is 20% and from what we have gathered, there are no additional tiers available at this time. The two main payment methods are also Stripe and PayPal, so you are not limited to just one option. 

What we would like to add with regard to the Unbounce affiliate program is that a Net60 system is put in place, which means that you’ll need to wait for two months for your commissions to be vetted before actually being able to withdraw your earnings. 


One way of making money with the HubSpot affiliate program is by getting 100% out of the value of the first month’s subscription that your referrals get through your link. 

Believe it or not, that can be extremely beneficial for you because you can use a lot of words to describe HubSpot, but none of them is ‘cheap’. There’s also the option of you making 15% in recurring income, where apparently you can make at least $270 per month per subscription. 

While this one might be a little challenging to recommend to your followers because of the cost of the plans, we would argue that the brand is pretty well-known by now and the commission rate makes this program worth considering on the whole. 

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While it doesn’t come with the same generous features that you might find in some LeadPages plans, Sendinblue is still a very good product that you may want to suggest to your audience. 

With this affiliate program, you can make $100 every time someone uses your affiliate link to get a paid plan. The good thing is that the cookie lasts for 120 days, so it’s 4 times longer than the industry standard of 30 days. And to make things sweeter, you get 5 euros for referring people even to the free plan. 

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