Muksego man rescues 4 after whale sinks their boat in Pacific Ocean

The crews of the Raindancer and the Rolling Stones on March 15. In the back row, from left, are Alex Stone, Mark Moriarty, Simon Fischer and Geoff Stone. Bottom row, from left, are Corey Bergendahl, Alana Litz, Rick Rodriguez and Bianca Brateanu.

For Geoff Stone of Muskego, it’s a once-in-lifetime dream, circumnavigating the globe aboard his 45-foot catamaran the Rolling Stones.

But on March 13 in the Pacific, Stone’s dream turned into something more: a lifesaving adventure.

Stone and his crew rescued four sailors who were forced to abandon a 44-foot sailboat named the Raindancer as it was journeying from the Galápagos to French Polynesia.

The Raindancer wasn’t rocked by the sea. It was struck by a whale and sank, the sailors quickly hustling into a lifeboat and dinghy and activating a GPS beacon, with the captain sending a text message to a friend.

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