My go-slow isn’t plane sailing but I’m happy, says Shane Corstorphine

In a busy carpentry workshop, a newly-qualified craftsman is showing off the fruits of his labours.

This is the barbecue he is making, says Shane Corstorphine. When it is finished, it will go in his garden near the shepherd’s hut he built during lockdown, where he keeps his beekeeping equipment.

So far, so new age. But this is no artisan environmentalist in the vanguard of the green revolution. Corstorphine, 44, is a former business hotshot, one of the tech pioneers in Scotland, who in late 2019 quit life in the fast lane.

By then, he says, his memory — his “superpower” — was failing, and he felt “broken, completely burst”. Now at last, he feels on the road to recovery, a model patient perhaps for

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