Navy excel at National Sailing Championship

P.D.D.S Rajapaksha the Petty Officer of Sri Lanka Navy excelled to win ILCA 6 Open Championship and ILCA 7 open runner up at the National Sailing Championship concluded at the scenic waters of Crow Island, Mattakkuliya recently.

This event was graced by the Deputy Chief of Staff and Director General Operations, Rear Admiral Pradeep Ratnayake. The Navy secured numerous victories during the championship, further enhancing their commendable record in sailing.

A number of athletes from renowned sailing clubs across the island, including the Navy Sailing Pool, took part in the tournament, conducted for both men and women.

Meanwhile in the Wind Surfing event the 1st and 2nd places were won by Leading Seaman K.P.P Gunawardana and Petty Officer W.A.S Weeratunga respectively.

In addition, the 1st and 2nd places in the ILCA 7 event were won by Leading Infantryman U.D Rajapaksha and Petty Officer P.D.D.S Rajapaksha respectively.

Further the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in the GP 14 event were won by Petty Officer W.A.S Weeratunga and Leading Infantryman GPP Karunaratne, Leading Seaman KC De Soysa and Leding Engineering Mechanic T.D.S Perera and Leading Seaman A.M.J.P Aththanayaka and Leading Seaman AS De Soyza. In the same vein, the first three slots in the Enterprise event were won by Leading Infantryman J.H.M.P.I Jayapadma and Leading Seaman S.P.P.N Kumara, Leading Seaman K.S.K De Silva and Able Seaman U.G.D Madusanka and Leding Engineering Mechanic J.P.S De Silva and Able Seaman L.A.C.M Gunathilaka.

Retired senior Naval officers, Secretary General of the National Olympic Committee, Maxwell de Silva, Chairman Sri Lanka Navy Sailing Pool, Captain Chaminda Gunaratne, officers and sailors were present at this occasion.

Dhammika Ratnaweera

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