Off to Sea Once More // Escape from the Caribbean

By ICEBEAR Mate Emma Garschagen

Everyone has the pre-departure jitters. Excited and busy energy all around. We all just went for our last Caribbean swim and everything except this laptop I’m typing on has been stowed.

How fast the world can change! Just a week ago, Alex and I were leaving home in Boulder, CO to get on a plane. Having been in lockdown for the past two and a half months, hardly seeing even close family and friends, we made the decision to take two flights and stay in a hotel. The change felt drastic, but the more we thought it over, the more we knew we had to go meet ICEBEAR in the Caribbean to sail her north to Annapolis. The trip was just too good to pass up!

When we arrived on June 1st, after 24 hours of travel with masks and Lysol wipes galore, we hurried out to ISBJORN who was anchored in Caneel Bay. She had just been delivered from the BVI after sitting on the hard since February. We were travel weary and suddenly far from the cocoon of home that became so comfortable during quarantine. But the moment I stepped back aboard ISBJORN, I was reminded that home can shift locations much quicker than you think. Alex and I “babysat” ISBJORN until Ben and the boys arrived on Thursday, at which point we got to move onto ICEBEAR. Sean and Anastasia, plus three more pirate crew, had just sailed the big boat north from Grenada.

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