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November 17, 2023
Lagos, Portugal

I am writing this as the sun is slowly setting in Lagos. FALKEN has now been washed, scrubbed, emptied and re-stored following her post-passage checklist that we thoroughly follow. There is an aura of accomplishment, relive and just general awesomeness feeling onboard and not just for the successful trip that we’ve just ran but because this marks FALKEN’s first successful season in the Atlantic, sailing an astonishing 16.112nm.

I am lucky enough to have sailed on her first and last passages and to see how well she has performed and how far she has come is inspiring. Kudos to our awesome Bosun Adam for the amazing work that we’ve seen everyday we’ve sailed her, we gave Adam a shoutout with the whole crew after arrival and cheered with some bubbles.

It has been a great way to finish the season with nice weather, great people, and the opportunity to sail with Mia, Andy and Manot. We always say is sometimes difficult to see your friends in this industry because we only see each other when we get to do trips together and when is a passage from one destination to another your friend is asleep most of the times you’re awake which isn’t very social, so this trip has been a great chance to spend some time sailing with Andy and Mia and to get to know Manot.

But the best part of every trip for me is always the people who come along, the people who come to learn, live new experiences, accomplish something they might not know what is yet, and to get to know them and their lives. It has been a real pleasure sharing this experience with Knut, Karima, James, Constance, Bob, Fred and Sean. You all made this week a memorable one and from the 59 North team we say thank you from our hearts, we couldn’t have asked for a better bunch to officially finish the season.

Now the plan is to get FALKEN cosy in the yard for the month of December while doing some jobs on her and making sure she is in top form for the first trip of the year in which Mia and I will be sailing her due South, towards the Canary Islands.

– Alex

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