Painting of sailing ships in the anime Attack on Titan is actually a screenshot from Total War: Empire

Call me a wannabe-aboo if you want, but I’ve never seen Attack on Titan. All I know is that it’s the one about naked giants who eat people. Apparently, in between being gobbled up like Saturn’s son, the characters find time to visit a fancy restaurant. Given the task of filling the backgrounds for that scene, someone put a screenshot of some sailing ships from Total War: Empire in a frame and knocked off for the day.

It’s the first screenshot you see on the Steam page for Total War: Empire, which makes this even funnier. Given the working conditions at animation studios in Japan, I’m not bothered by someone taking a shortcut rather than creating an entire Renaissance artwork just to round out a few shots. It’s just funny that it’s a screenshot from a videogame, and a particularly blatant one at that.

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