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China’s Sailing City of Qingdao has been one of the highlights of the Clipper Race route since 2006 and Qingdao stopovers get bigger and better each time. Now heading into its ninth edition as a Host Port and Team Partner, there’s no doubt that when the Clipper Race fleet arrives, its welcome into the city will be warmer than ever.

Located on the Shandong Peninsula in Jiaozhou Bay, Qingdao attracts millions of visitors each year who are drawn to the city by its coastal charm, vibrant food and drink scene, and picturesque sights. With so much to offer, the city is always a hit with Clipper Race Crew.

Qingdao’s ideal location has seen sailing thrive as a sport and industry, with more and more people taking to the water, inspired by the city’s strong sailing history. As well as a long legacy of hosting the Clipper Race since 2006, Qingdao was also the stage for the sailing events during the 2008 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games, and over the years has hosted numerous large scale sailing competitions.

The city is a fantastic destination for nightlife, and a real hit for Race Crew looking to celebrate success with their team. There are numerous bars, restaurants, tea houses, clubs and KTVs (karaoke bars), with Lennon Bar and New York Bar among the favourites.

Qingdao is not only famous for Tsingtao Beer (you can visit the Tsingtao Beer Museum for a true taste of the heritage) but also for fresh seafood, particularly its steamed seafood dumplings. And there is no better place to sample the culinary delights of Qingdao than in the little restaurants along the shorefront or around Laiyang Road.

For shopping, head to Zhongshan Road in theTaidong District, or the new metropolis centre Hong Kong Zhong Road, home to big shopping malls. For a more traditional shopping experience, try Qingdao Culture Market at Changle Road, where there are lots of boutique independent shops selling antiques, second-hand books and art.

When visiting Qingdao, it’s definitely worth taking in the sights. It was one of the first National Scenic Resorts created by the State Council in 1982 and so there’s plenty of opportunities to take in the scenery and take the perfect photo. You can hike up to Laoshan Mountain, one of the birthplaces of Taoism, that offers unbelievable views over Qingdao and to the Yellow Sea, as well as a fascinating cultural insight if you visit one of the many temples.. If you don’t fancy a hike, some other top spots to visit for the perfect photo are: Zhanqiao Pier, Luxun Park, Little Qingdao Isle, Xiaoyu Hill, Badaguan, the seashore and the May Fourth Square.

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