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HYDERABAD, July 7: Hyderabad National sailing week is given a wonderful feeling to sailors on the third day on Friday. Today wind averaged 10 knots gusting up to 15 knots with little wind oscillation of 7 to 10 degrees on both sides, in the morning session 3 races were conducted in ILCA6 (open & girls).

Ritika cracks guns in all races today. Wind supported sailors and today’s conditions were preferably good to test the skills of each sailor. In open category races, Adviti (INWTC) and Koteswara Rao (AYN) had a neck-to-neck fight. In race number 8 the fleet was very aggressive which made a premature start that made the principal race officer Srikant Chaturvedi (IRO) has to display general recall for a fresh start.

Because of the gusting wind, few sailors have gear failure during the races. New in today’s class in India twin tip kite boats had a fantastic training session in Hussain Sagar Lake perfectly suitable for kite boating. On completion of the 9th race, all sailors had 1 discard of the worst race.

In the championship, the rescue team is doing an excellent job and giving good support to sailors. In ILCA7 (Open) Mohit Saini still maintained his ranking at No 01.  The day-three also witnessed really healthy competition among the top fleets.

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