Sailing from Skradin, Croatia’s Hidden Gem 

Skradin is a hidden treasure nestled in the rich blue waters of the Dalmatian coast in Croatia. The quaint town, located between the Adriatic Sea and the Krka River, attracts travelers seeking tranquility and natural beauty. The area boasts crystal-clear waters, lush landscapes, vineyards, as well as a treasure trove of history and culture. Skradin is the perfect location to begin sailing the Dalmatian coast

In this article, with the guidance and expertise of GlobeSailor advisor Sophie, discover all you need to know for your sailing holiday in Skradin

We recommend sailing from Skradin from May to October, to enjoy its Mediterranean climate with mild winters and warm summers. The sailing conditions are ideal, with favourable breezes and no notable currents, much like the rest of the Adriatic. The calm waters, which are a blend of fresh and saltwater, are ideal for holidaymakers seeking a tranquil retreat. We recommend that you set sail from one of Croatia’s most picturesque ports, ACI Marina Skradin.

If you are looking to sail away from the crowds, consider chartering a yacht between May and September. However, July and August are the best months to visit if you want to take advantage of the magnificent weather, cultural events, and water sports. Remember that summers can get very hot and dry, so make plans appropriately!

Skradin is an accessible location and can be reached by numerous forms of transport, depending on your preferences. The town is connected to European cities by plane, by the airports of Split and Zadar. Split airport is approximately 70 km from the town, while Zadar airport is 50 km away. You can inform your GlobeSailor advisor if you would like to organise a transfer from the airport.

The town is also accessible by bus. You can take a bus from nearby Šibenik, as well as from Split, Zadar or Zagreb. The bus stop in Skradin is conveniently located 200 metres from ACI Marina, meaning you won’t have to lug your luggage too far!

Krka National Park  

Krka National Park is a must-see when sailing from Skradin! If you arrive early for your yacht charter holiday, you can spend a few hours in the stunning national park. Once you discover its beauty, you may even want to return after your boat rental! Although sailing is prohibited in the national park itself, as the low Skradin bridge blocks the entrance, you can dock in Skradin and take a boat tour, or discover the park by land. One of the most beautiful destinations in all of Croatia, the park boasts lush greenery, wonderful waterfalls and turquoise rivers.  Explore Skradinski buk, a group of 17 spectacular waterfalls. Take a trip to the small island of Visovac, located in the middle of the Krka River. It is a natural and cultural sight with a Monastery of our Lady of Mercy, founded in 1445 by the Franciscan order. Whether you decide to visit by land or by sea, Krka National Park offers an unforgettable experience for all!

Bibich Winery 

The renowned Bibich Winery in the nearby village of Plastovo is a worthwhile visit on your sailing holiday. The vineyard offers a one-hour private tasting experience and opens every day from April to October. You can even enjoy the wine tasting while enjoying tapas! Interestingly, Bibich wine is the first Croatian winemaker to have wine sold in the United States. Prior booking is necessary!

Skradin Risotto 

You cannot charter a yacht in Skradin without tasting the incredible Skradin risotto! The meal is traditionally made in a large pot over an open fire and cooked by men. It is like no ordinary meal but more like an event! People gather around the pot and spend time cooking the meal and building its rich flavours. Sometimes while enjoying a drink or two! There is no strict recipe, each family adds their own twist to the dish. The main ingredients are onions, rooster stock, meat and rice. It can be finished by adding Paški Sir, a cheese from the nearby island of Pag!

Skradin Cake  

Skradin cake is another must-try on your sailing holiday. This traditional dessert from the region has been made for festivities since the 14th century! In the past, the cake was made by Skradin’s maidens before their wedding night, to impress their partner! Although the recipe has changed over time, the primary ingredients have remained the same; eggs, sugar, honey, liquer, walnuts, almonds, lemon and orange peels. Nowadays, the dessert is often covered in chocolate. We recommend you taste the cake with Prošek, a Dalmation dessert wine.


Skradin is also known for its fresh seafood. Some popular fish dishes include “buzara” style mussels, cod in white and black risotto. It is said that in the mussel breeding grounds of Šibenik Bay and its tributary Zaton Bay, mussels grow up to three times faster than other parts of the world! This is due to the mixture of brackish water, that comes from the sea water of the bays, the water of Lake Prokljan, several nearby springs and the Krka River water. As for the black risotto, it is made with the natural ink that cuttlefish use when they are in danger.  Codfish in white is traditionally eaten during the holidays and is often served on dinner tables on Christmas eve.

The Dalmatian coast offers an array of sailing routes and enchanting destinations to explore. View our suggested sailing in Skradin itinerary! We have selected some of our favourite destinations below.


Sail to Primošten, one of the most traditional towns in Croatia, as well as the oldest. The landscape is incredible with turquoise blue waters surrounding red-roofed buildings. There are lots of options for anchoring, mooring and berthing in secluded bays and magnificent marinas. Visit the town’s historical sites and ancient churches, including the 15th century Church of St George. The stone-laced vineyards are also a must-see, an illusion of “stone lace” wrapped around vines from Bucavac hill to the deep blue Adriatic Sea. Spend an evening relaxing on one of Croatia’s best beaches, such as Mala Raduča Beach.


The nearby Šibenik is a city of medieval charms. Dock at one of Šibenik’s many marinas or anchorages, such as Marina Preko or Brgulje. Explore the city’s ancient fortresses, including St. Michael’s Fortress and St. Nicolas’ Fortress. Do not miss the opportunity to visit the architectural wonder of the Cathedral of St. James, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. In the evening, enjoy a sensational Šibenik sunset from your boat.


Hvar is another beautiful location on the Adriatic Sea with incredible food, rich culture and lots to explore! The town is full of historical treasures, such as the Hvar Heritage Museum, the Cathedral of St. Steven and Hvar Theatre. Directly across from the town lies a group of islets, the Pakleni islands. We highly recommend that you visit the islands and their quiet harbours, beautiful beaches and many excellent restaurants. Are you ready to sail to Hvar?

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