Sailing tip – Amalfi Coast

The beauty of Ischia and Capri, the posh look of Positano or the history of Salerno and Sorrento. The coast of Amalfi is widely known for its beautiful beaches, majestic rocky cliffs and diverse vegetation. Keep reading and check out our this week´s sailing itinerary just for you. 

Sailing itinerary for Amalfi Coast

Day 1: Salerno – Sailing route Salerno-Amalfi:  +/- 8nm
Day 2: Amalfi – Sailing route Amalfi-Positano: +/- 6,1nm
Day 3: Positano – Sailing route Positano-Sorrento: +/- 14,2nm
Day 4: Sorrento – Sailing route Sorrento-Ischia+Procida: +/- 19,5nm
Day 5: Ischia+Prodica – Sailing route Ischia+Prodica-Capri: +/- 15,9nm
Day 6: Capri – Sailing route Capri-Salerno: +/- 24,6nm

Total distance: +/- 88 nautical miles

Day One: Salerno

Amalfi in the province of Salerno, Campania, Italy
  • Most desired beaches: 
    The nearest beach to Salerno is Spiaggia di Santa Teresa, located around 2 km away from the city’s old harbor and completely free for public use, which makes it perfect for a nice swim. However, if you’re looking for a larger beach, we suggest set sail to Vietri sul Mare, home to some of the biggest beaches on the Amalfi Coast. La Baia is one of a few sandy beaches in the region, with the length of 400 meters and a wide range of services, which makes it perfect for a stress-free day by the beach, especially for a family with children. For a calmer atmosphere, come to the secluded Spiaggia di Cauco in Erchie. The main beach is about 200 meters long, surrounded by sheer cliffs on one side and azure water on the other so it is only accessible by boat, which helps to maintain its tranquil atmosphere even during high season.
  • What not to miss: 
    For history lovers, the 11th century Romanesque-style Salerno Church is definitely worth a visit. It is arguably the most important church and historical artifact of the city. The bell tower of Duomo nearby is also an interesting attraction, where visitors can see many decorative Arabic/Norman artwork from the 12th century. Other notable attractions include the Minerva’s Garden where the first medical school in Europe was built and the 6th century Castello di Arechi. For some cultural experience, visitors can wander along the narrow streets of Rione Duomo district, home to many important buildings featuring the typical architecture in Salerno. Or take a walk along the city’s seafront promenade and you’ll get to see the fun, exciting side of Salerno.
  • Berthing:  
    There are 4 berthing options in Salerno:
    1. Marina D’Arechi (40°38.647’N, 014°48.716’E)  offers around 1000 berths with a maximum length of 130 meters. The marina is very well-equipped with all the necessary facilities, including fuel, WiFi, laundry, security, and a wide range of services.
    2. Porto Nuovo di Salerno (40°40.357’N, 014°44.996’E) is located at the NE corner of Salerno’s commercial harbor. The port includes a series of pontoons operated by 7 separated concessionaires, which offers over 1000 berths in total. Depths at the pontoons vary from 2 to 5 meters. However, the port doesn’t have a toilet and showers.
    3. Porto Turistico di Salerno ( 40°40.440’N, 014°45.240’E)  also has a series of 16 pontoons in a small basin located in its NW corner. The basin offers basic services like water, electricity, fuel, and shops, but no toilets or showers. The port is also not suitable for boats and yachts over 15 meters.
    4. Masuccio Salernitano (40°40.356’N, 014°45.911’E)  is located in the SE corner of Portu Turistica. The basin offers a total of 414 berths for boats and yachts with a maximum length of 16 meters. Depths in the basin vary from 2 – 5 meters. The basin is well-equipped with necessary facilities, as well as a wide range of bars and restaurants. However, it is often packed during high season, so it is advisable to book your berth in advance.

Day Two: Amalfi

Sunset at Port of Marina Grande in Sorrento, Tyrrhenian sea, Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Most desired beaches:
    Spiaggia di Marina Grande is the main beach of Amalfi and also one of the most dynamic beaches on the Amalfi Coast. This beautiful pebble beach has a number of bathing establishments, offering a wide range of services as well as many bars and restaurants, everything you need for a nice, relaxing day by the beach. In case it gets too crowded, Lido Delle Sirene (Mermaid Beach) will be a good alternative. Located just 10 minutes walking from Marina Grande, this beach is one of the local’s favorites with excellent services and a much calmer atmosphere that can turn into a perfect photo spot. A bit further away is Duoglio, a secluded beach situated between Vietri Sul Mare and Amalfi. Its position makes it only accessible by boat, or a very long hike down high cliffs, which results in much cleaner water comparing to other crowded beaches in the region. The beach also offers some watersports such as windsurfing, scuba diving, and canoeing.
  • What not to miss:
    Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea is definitely not to be missed when you’re in Amalfi. This stunning cathedral is the symbol of Amalfi’s past as a maritime superpower in the 11th century. The cathedral is built as a hybrid of different architectural styles, with the Sicilian’s Arabic-Norman style dominated on the outside, and Baroque interiors with many interesting mosaics from the 12th and 13th century. Next to the cathedral is another notable attraction, the stunning Moorish-style cloisters of Chiostro del Paradiso. The cloisters are made of 120 marble columns supporting a series of tall, slender Arabic arches around a central garden, creating an incredibly beautiful and artistic sight that is perfect for taking travel photos 😉 Also, don’t miss out Grotta dello Smeraldo(Emerald Cave), the stunning grotto named after its characteristic green color that emerge from the water.
  • Berthing:
    Porto di Amalfi (40°37.904’N, 014°36.091’E) offers in total 300 berths for boats and yachts with a maximum length of 40 meters. Depths in the port vary from 4 – 6 meters. The port is well-equipped with all necessary services including water and electricity, fuel station, security, laundry, etc.

Day Three: Positano

Sunset in Positano, Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • Most desired beaches: 
    Positano’s best-kept secret is probably the wild and secluded beach of Laurito. Its name is derived from the wild laurel shrubs that cover the entire area. For decades, the beach has been on top of the locals’ favorite destination to get away from the touristy crowd and noise, especially during high season. A bit closer to Positano harbor is Fornillo beach, often referred to as a romantic getaway for its beautiful surroundings. The beach is more well-established than Laurito, with a wide range of services for tourists, which makes it more crowded in summer. Arienzo beach is also a good choice if you’re searching for a nice sunbathing place as it receives the most sunlight out of all beaches in Positano. The beach is surrounded by high, rocky cliffs and offers an amazing view to Amalfi Coast’s most luxurious villas.
  • What not to miss: 
    The stunning Church of Santa Maria Assunta is definitely worth visiting when you’re in Positano. It is also home to the famous 13th-century Byzantine icon of Black Madonna and Child. Also, if you’re lucky enough to be in Positano in August, you’ll get to attend the Feast of the Assumption, one of the most important and joyful events in the city. Don’t forget to check out some of many art galleries in the city, since they’re one of the reasons Positano become so famous anyway. Or if you’d like to have a short day trip, we suggest set sail to Fiordo di Furore, which is the only fjord in Italy. The beach there is without a doubt stunning and often really calm as well.

Day Four: Sorrento

Sorrento, Amalfi Coast, Italy
  • What not to miss: 
    For history lovers, make sure to visit the 14th century Church of San Francesco, a place so famous for its beautiful cloister and overall architecture that has been chosen to host many art exhibition and classical concerts. The ruins of Villa Pollio Felice, which dates back to the 1st century BC, is also an interesting site. Aside from its historical importance, the ruins are also famous for its natural pool surrounded, which is separated from the sea by a rock arch. With steep rocky cliffs surroundings and an amazing view ahead, swimming in this pool is definitely an amazing experience.
  • Berthing:
    1. Marina Piccola (40°37.802’N, 014°22.667’E) is the main harbor of Sorrento. It offers a limited number of berthings for yachts in transit with a maximum length of 15 meters. Depths in the harbor vary from 1.5 – 3 meters.
    2. Piano di Sorrento is located 1 mile NE from Marina Piccola and consists of 2 adjacent basins. The eastern basin offers berths for yachts up to 30 meters, with depth vary from 2 – 3 meter. The western basin offers berths for yachts up to 13 meters, with depth vary from 2.5 – 6 meters. The basins also have a fuel station and a few basic facilities.

Day Five: Ischia & Prodica

A view of Sant’Angelo in Ischia island in Italy
  • Most desired beaches:
    Chiaiolella is the longest and probably the most well-known beach on Procida. The beach is characterized by shallow seabed and crystal clear water, which makes it a safe swimming spot that is especially good for family with small children. Thanks to its location, the beach also receives longer hours of sunshine and offers an amazing sunset at the end of the day. Another good option for safe swimming is the beach of Chiaia, located on the northwestern side of the island. The beach has a sheltered position, which protects it against wind and waves, and waters here is also pretty shallow. The beach of Lingua is the only beach with dark sand on the island. Despite its proximity to the port of Marina Grande, this small scenic beach offers almost spotless clear sea with an intense blue color due to its depth. The beach is surrounded by thick shrubs and vegetation, which gives it a bit of a wild and equally charming appearance.
  • What not to miss:
    The 14th-century Monastery and Church of St.Michael the Archangel is considered the island’s main historical symbol. The church has impressive architecture, with an awe-inspiring interior that features many priceless paintings of Luca Giordano in the 17th century. The old fortress of Terra Murata is the highest point as well as the oldest village on Procida. It was built around the 15th-16th century to protect locals from invaders. Nowadays, Terra Murata is one of the main highlights on the island, attracting a great number of visitors every year for its eery Medieval atmosphere and a stunning view of the entire area. Also, don’t miss out Marina Corricella, a colorful fishing village located on rocky cliffs that are only reachable by stairs. Or, if you’re more interested in discovering nature, we suggest heading to the island of Vivara, which is connected to Procida by a bridge. The whole island is protected as a natural reserve, so it is perfect for visitors to see the diversity of local flora and fauna.
  • Berthing:
    There are 3 berthing options in Procida:
    1. Chiaiolella (40°44.875’N, 014°00.364’E) is a natural land-locked harbor located on the southern coast of the island. It offers around 300 berths on laid moorings for yachts up to 45 meters. Depths at the harbor vary from 2 – 6 meters. The harbor is well-equipped with necessary facilities and services, including water and electricity, toilets and showers, fuel station, mechanical and electrical repairs, etc.
    2. Corricella (40°45.649’N, 014°01.871’E) is located on the NE tip of the island. The harbor is mainly reserved for fishing boats and small yachts, as depths in the harbor are only from 2-3 meters.
    3. Marina di Procida (40°46.061’N, 014°01.996’E) is located on the northern side of the island. It has around 500 berths for yachts up to 30 meters. The marina offers good shelter in all weather condition, though entry and exit is quite difficult due to strong N winds. Depths in the marina vary from 1.5 – 3 meters.

Day Six: Capri

Panoramic view of Capri island from Mount Solaro, Italy
  • Most desired beaches:
    Like its name suggested, Marina Grande is the largest beach on the island. Despite its proximity to the port, the water here is still very clear and blue. With a shallow seabed and wide range of facilities and services, Marina Grande is most popular for families with young children. If you’re looking for more dramatic scenery, head to Marina Piccola, one of the most beautiful spots on Capri. The bay is protected by mount Solaro, so it’s often warm and still here, even during winter. The bay also offers 2 stretches of free beach on two sides of the Scoglio delle Sirene beach establishment. The beautiful beach of Faraglioni is also a great option if you don’t necessarily need to spend time sunbathing on soft sand. Located at the foot of a dramatic rock formation, Faraglioni offers an amazing view and pristine coast. However, since swimmers can only dive directly into the deep sea, it is not recommended for children to swim here.
  • What not to miss:
    Grotta Azzurra (Blue Grotto) is definitely not to be missed when you’re in Capri. It is a grand flooded cave with an opening to the sea, where an eerie bright blue from reflected sunlight light up the whole area. To get in, visitors will have to use a small boat and sail through an opening that is merely 1 meter high. But the reward is very much worth it 😉. Or you can choose to visit the Green Grotto on the opposite side of the island to avoid the crowd, though it is much more approachable by boat and equally stunning. For nature lovers, don’t miss out the beautiful Giardini di Augusto(Gardens of Augustus) located just a few steps away from San Giacomo. It is a botanic garden that offers gorgeous panoramic views of the Faraglioni and Bay of Marina Piccola. Better yet, you’ll be standing in a series of flower-decked terraces to enjoy the view!
  • Berthing:
    Marina Grande (40°32.650’N, 014°14.347’E) offers around 300 berths, out of which 30 are reserved for yachts in transit. The maximum length is 60 meters. Depths in the marina vary from 2 – 8 meters. There are also laid moorings at all berths. The marina is very well-equipped with all the necessary facilities, including water and electricity, toilets and showers, WiFi, and fuel stations. However, it is extremely busy during the summer, so we’d advise making a reservation in advance.

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