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CTR manipulation is an extremely lucrative way of increasing organic traffic and it’s something that a lot of SEO professionals rely on these days. 

We’ve written extensively on the topic in the past, but for today’s article, we’re showcasing a tool that might be helpful for anyone looking to perform CTR as conveniently and effortlessly as possible. Read on to find out everything you should know about web traffic generator 

CTR Manipulation Tool Review

What is

As we have previously mentioned, can be utilized for manipulating click through rate. But the most important question that you need to ask yourself is whether or not the traffic is real or if it comes from bots and might raise a risk for your rankings in the future. 

Well, while the company itself does call it a traffic bot, it seems that the visits are as natural and apparently unique as possible. 

Naturally, it all boils down to your logic and common sense, too, in that even if you get the largest plan available, you should stick to the safe side of things and avoid focusing on the same keyword and more importantly, the same page on your website. 

In a nutshell, SearchSEO is a tool designed for click through rate manipulation that can take your rankings to a whole new level, but keeping in mind that you should exercise caution with such methods. 

When we are going to tackle the product pricing in one of the sections below, you’ll see exactly what we mean by ‘exercising caution’. 

Product core features

There are quite a few reasons to check out what SearchSEO has to offer, especially when putting it side by side with similar web traffic generator options. One of the most significant benefit that you’ll get is the ability to use geolocation targeting so that Google believes that you’re getting your traffic with the right search intent from the right place. 

Here are some of the things that you’ll find most appealing if you decide to invest in this software.

Pages visited

You’ll see in the section that we will put together on the pricing that the number of pages that any ‘user’ can go to on your website largely depends on the plan that you will end up choosing. 

But the truth is that you also have complete control over how many pages the user gets to view on the site. To make the experience as natural as possible, you should try to set the bounce rate to somewhere around 50% and have every user check out two to three pages. 

Naturally, this will depend on the subscription that you will take, but you do have the option of selecting the number of pages ranging from 2 to 5. While the one based around your core search term that you will be able to select, the rest will be selected at random so that the visit truly seems organic. 

Time spent on the site

With, you also have the freedom to select just how many minutes every ‘user’ spends on your website. We would suggest that you choose a wide variety in this case as not all users are the same and they also don’t have the same search intent on the same days of the week. 

Your subscription will allow you to select visits ranging in length from 1 minute to 5 minutes. That should be enough for most situations, even those where the user is supposed to be a prospective buyer — theoretically, they should come back to your website later on if they are interested in buying your services. 

Selecting the right keyword

This is where you will have to do some of the work as this piece of software is obviously not going to do your keyword research for you. 

Whether you use an SEO consultant for the task or opt for an agency or just get an SEO tool and do it yourself, you will have to select the search terms that you will require to utilize on your behalf. 

Naturally, it all comes down to the pricing plan that you will select but as a general idea, you will be allowed to pick anything ranging from 12 search terms to 500. 

Page scrolling and behavior

While it is true that most of the traffic that you will get using this method is going to come from unique visitors, you do have some amount of control over their behavior. 

Consequently, it is a better idea to make every user to spend at list a little time on every page so that they seem just a tad interested in your content, whether they scroll 30% into it or more. 

If you choose the platform to work with a range of 0% to 100%, it will select at random. However, if you want more control over this feature, you can select a minimum and a maximum limit as per your specific needs and preferences. 

While page scrolling fails to be an important ranking aspect in the eyes of most search engine optimization specialists, it is something that Google does see and might make a decision accordingly, especially when positioning search results. 


When it comes to the geo locations you will be getting your traffic from, we’d say that it is one of the last things to feel concerned about. now has access to more than 150 locations across the world, so you can easily select the countries that you would prefer most and that would perfectly match your keyword. 

Another aspect worth noting is that all of the IPs are residential to cities, so they will make it look as if real people are looking for something and coming across your website as a result of that. 

The internet service providers for every campaign are going to be local, which means that they will belong to companies that actually sell internet in those countries. 

And of course, not just the location itself is customizable, but also the bounce rate and the amount of time that those ‘visitors’ get to spend on your site, along with the number of pages that they check out. 

To give you a few examples of what locations are now available, they range from Turkey or India to Japan, Singapore, or South Korea. In Europe, you can get traffic from countries such as Belgium and Austria to Romania and Monco or Hungary. 

You can even get traffic from countries in Africa or Oceania, be that New Zealand or Papua New Guinea. South American locations are also now available, with countries like Brazil, Argentina, Chile or Bolivia being some of the most popular ones. 

Pricing plans

When it comes to the CTR bot, there are two main categories of pricing that you should look into. The first consists of Standard plans and the second are more Advanced, and the cost of the two differs largely not just in terms of the price itself but also in terms of the features that you can expect. 

In the Standard plan category, the Mini is the most affordable option you have available. It is priced at just $29 per month and comes with 2 pages visited per user, 25 clicks per day, and up to 12 keywords included. The maximum time for every session is one minute. 

The Medium plan is billed at $49 per month and comes with the same two pages per user, but the session in this case can last up to 2 minutes. You also get 50 clicks per day and a maximum number of 25 keywords included.

The Large plan seems to be the most popular one for small bloggers and small local businesses right now. It costs $89 per  month and comes with 50 keywords, 100 clicks/day, 2 pages visited, and a session duration of up to 3 minutes. 

Finally, the Ultimate is the largest plan available in the Standard category. It is billed at $129 per month and includes 150 daily clicks, 75 keywords, up to 3 pages visited by every ‘user’, and sessions of up to 4 minutes in length. 

Switching over to the Advanced plans, the pricing ranges between $169 and $589 per month. The basic plan in this case is called Freelancer and comes with 200 searches per day, 100 keywords, 3 pages, and up to 4 minutes in terms of session length. 

There’s also the Start-Up plan, which costs $239 per month and comes with 150 keywords, 300 searches/day, up to 4 page visits, and a session duration of up to 5 minutes.

The Agency and the Corporate are the most expensive options available as of right now and they are billed at $339 and $589 per month respectively. Both of these come with 5 pages visited and session durations of up to 5 minutes, but the keyword number and the search number differs largely – with the agency you get 500 searches/day while with the Corporate you can get as many as 1,000. 

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GMB rankings

It goes without saying that CTR manipulation can make quite a bit of difference when it comes to GMB rankings. 

When people search for a service or product in the area you are based in, if you’re the one getting the most clicks or among the highest number, in any case, you will be prompted to one of the first positions in the search results. 

Apparently, there are more than 1,000 business owners right now using that are relying on the service specifically for boosting their Google My Business rankings. 

Naturally, in this case, you need to be judicious about selecting the right location as you are not going to want to get clicks from a completely different country or even a completely different region of your country if you’re based in a specific area. 

Analytics dashboard

The good thing about traffic software is that you will be able to consult all of the data in a very neat and straightforward way – you’ll find out exactly how many clicks you’ve generated with the tool and what position changes this has led to. 

You’ll also be able to consult the keywords you are focusing on and the search volume and fine-tune the geolocation if that’s what you need. 

Customer service and contact information

Based on the information that we have come across by going through some of the reviews that this tool has acquired in the past, it looks like the customer support is what you’d expect it to be.

In case you run into any issue with your subscription or if there’s a bug you need to report on or anything other, an agent is going to be there to answer your questions and guide you through the process. 

How does compare to other tools? vs. SerpClix

The only reason you might feel tempted to choose SerpClix compared to is the fact that with the plans that the second company has to offer, you literally get unlimited URLs and unlimited keywords. 

The downside is that SerpClix is considerably more expensive. To give you an idea of how much that is by comparison with, we’ll say that the most affordable plan is priced at $197 per month and comes with just 6,000 credits. It does include 660 clicks, though, so you will need to be the judge of whether that makes sense for you or not. 

Based on what the brand is claiming, though, these are real clickers as there are more than 100,000 real people across the world that are paid to give you the traffic you need and improve your rankings with the keywords you select. vs SERP Empire

We’ve written about SERP Empire in the past so if you have the time, we suggest you read our in-depth review of the tool. From what we have noticed, the area where SERP Empire might be the winner is customization. You literally have control over everything, including the days of the week you’re getting more or less clicks. 

While it is true that SERP Empire is slightly more expensive when put side by side with organic web traffic, it is also true that with the amount of control that you have, you might end up getting more benefits from SERP Empire. 

Need help with your SEO or digital marketing efforts? We have lots of plans and courses available. Get in touch to find out how we can be of assistance!


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